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Watch the inspiring story of Jamie Taylor, Successful Kleeneze Distributor

Watch this short audio/video as Alison Taylor tells the story of her son, Jamie Taylor, a young man with some challenges in his life.

Jamie is a Kleeneze Distributor, and I hope his story inspires you…

If Jamie’s story inspires you to find out more about Kleeneze,

click on this link for a Free Kleeneze Information Pack.

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Why would you pay to get a job?

Why would you pay to get a job?

How much is a Kleeneze startup kit?I get a lot of responses to my adverts for Kleeneze Catalogue Distributors and Team Leaders.

Clearly there is an interest in earning extra money. A second income, working flexible hours around your other commitments is a great attraction. Being able to build a residual income for the future is also tempting.

When I receive an enquiry for more info, I send them the Kleeneze information pack. They look through the information and watch the videos. They can see immediately if it is the sort of thing that they’re interested in. Some people say “No, that’s not for me”. Some people say “That looks interesting. I could do that“.

Then they read the part about Getting Started, and find out that there is a cost involved. To become a Kleeneze Distributor costs money. £25 to be precise.

Suddenly their interest disappears.

I can imagine their thoughts at that point. (This was my initial reaction when I first looked at Kleeneze)… “Hold on a minute – I am looking for work because I need to earn money, I don’t want to have to pay out before I even get started.

I know how they feel. Paying money out on a new venture seems risky.

You can start your own Kleeneze Business for £25.

how much does it cost to join Kleeneze?What else could you do with £25?
– buy a pizza for you and the kids (no extra toppings!)
– half a tank of petrol in the car
– go to the cinema with a friend, but easy on the popcorn.

These are all great things to spend £25 on, but what do you have to show for it a couple of days later? Not a lot.

– you’d be hungry again
– your car would need filling up again.
– you’re bored and want to go an see another film.


Another way of looking at it is like this…

  • If I was applying for a new job I could easily spend £25 on a new shirt and tie for the interview.
  • If I was starting a business as a plumber I would spend a lot more than that on my tools before I could start.

Spend £25 on your own Kleeneze Business. You get catalogues; all of the stationery you need; an online shop; a coach and mentor to help you grow your business; a team building website; training; Everything you need to start earning money immediately.

  • Put those catalogues out once a week, (about 10-15 hours work) and you can soon be earning a nice part time income.
  • Continue to build a customer base of loyal customers who look forward to seeing you each month, and order from you regularly, and you’re income is growing.
  • A few of your friends wonder where all your extra money is coming from. You show them and they want to do the same, so they join your team. Soon your earning even more.

So was that £25 worth it?

Remember that pizza you bought? You now have enough for a weekend in Rome to have a proper pizza.

That tank of petrol? You could fill it up on your way to treat the kids to a weekend at DisneyLand Paris.

That trip to the Cinema? How about your own Home Cinema system with Surround Sound and large screen Plasma TV?

Now I know I’ve simplified this, and you will need to work hard on your Kleeneze business, and you will have good days and bad days, but the point I am trying to make is… Don’t let the £25 start up fee put you off. If you thought the opportunity looked interesting before you realised there was a cost, then it is still an interesting opportunity. You just need to put that pizza off for a couple of weeks.

I’m not saying Kleeneze is easy. I’m saying it is worth it.

If you’d like some more info, just click here for a free Kleeneze information pack.

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze Distributor


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Saving up a deposit for your first house? Kleeneze can help!

A second income from Kleeneze will help build your savings quickly.

In a recent BBC Article: First Time Buyer Loans up – the BBC highlighted that at long last, First Time Buyers are getting back into the Housing Market, and more and more are buying their first sold


Help from Government schemes such as Help to Buy, which help first time buyers towards the desposit for the house have been a great help.


However, First Time Buyers still have to save up at least 5% of the purchase price as a deposit.

How much is 5%? Well it depends where you live, and what sort of property you are looking for, but a minimum of around £5,000 would get you started.

But what if you don’t have £5,000? Have you started saving now?

Saving can be tough. If you have rent, food, utilities and other bills to pay for, your salary can soon be used up.

So what about finding a way to earn some extra money, part time, around your job and other commitments?

This is where Kleeneze can help.

Kleeneze income full time or part-time

Kleeneze is a Home Shopping Business which anyone can start – as long as you are 18 years old or more. See the Kleeneze Business Model – How Does Kleeneze Work?

Earning extra money on top of your regular income can speed up your savings very quickly.

How much can you earn with Kleeneze? Take a look…

How Much Can You earn Doing Kleeneze Part-Time?

What if you’re struggling to find a job? Take a look at this…

How much can you earn doing Kleeneze Full Time?

Would you like to find out more? Just click here to request a Free Kleeneze information Pack.

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze Distributor


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Kleeneze Sales Director interview on BBC News

Are youngsters turning down great opportunities while they wait for the perfect job?

Lisa Burke, Kleeneze UK Sales Director, is interviewed on BBC News:

Many youngsters, after leaving college or University, are looking for a great job to match their hard-earned qualifications. However, there is a lot of competition for those jobs, so what should you do while you are looking for it?

Why not become a Kleeneze Distributor?

With Kleeneze, you earn while you learn. With the support of your Kleeneze mentor, you will gain some real life business skills to go along with your educational qualifications.

You are also showing a future employer that you can show initiative, have some get up and go and show independence.

So to find out more, click on this link for a FREE Kleeneze information pack.

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The single best way to Get Out of Debt, and Get Into Wealth

Get out of Debt

Get out of Debt

Get Out of Debt

Debt is stressful

If you are in debt, would you say it is having a big impact on your life?

For most people, being in debt can take over your whole life. It affects your relationships, your family, your health, your job, your social life, your sleep.

If you can get out of debt, it will be the most amazing thing that you can do to improve the quality of your life.

  •     No more worrying about the postman putting letters through your door.
  •     No more worrying when the phone rings.
  •     No more worrying when there is a knock on the door.

Is there a solution?


The single best way to get out of debt, and get into wealth, is actually very simple: Increase Your Income!

Now I know that sounds obvious, and easier said than done, but stay with me a minute…


If you already have a job, it can be tough getting a pay rise, especially if your employer’s business is finding times tough. Is there any overtime available? Maybe not.

What if you don’t have a job? How hard is it to find a job these days? Well with around 2.5 million people unemployed at the moment, pretty hard.

So – here is one solution for you:

Kleeneze is a flexible way to earn extra income. You can do it in your spare time, part time, or full time. Take a look at the Kleeneze Business Model – How Does Kleeneze Work?

Everyone can do Kleeneze, there are no qualifications required. Full training and Support is given. Kleeneze operates across the UK and Ireland.

It is very simple – deliver and collect catalogues to houses in your area. just do that for 10-15 hours a week around your other commitments, and you can soon be paying off that debt. Show other people how to do the same, and your income will rise, and you’ll get out of debt, and into wealth.

Too good to be true?

If you think this sounds too good to be true, watch this 2-minute video as Neil Young explains how Kleeneze helped him get out of debt – £100,000 worth of debt to be precise.


So – if you would like to find out more about how Kleeneze can work for you, and help you Get Out of Debt and Get Into Wealth – click here for a Free Kleeneze Info Pack:

Or, if you’d like to join us, just get in touch and let me know.


Best wishes


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Pay Day Loans – There is an alternative

Pay Day Loans? There is a way out.


I read this article on the BBC Website recently – explaining how Pay Day Loans are to be regulated. Some of them have interest rates over 1000% per annum!

What is a pay day loan?

Typically, it is a loan to someone who needs a short-term loan of a fairly small amount (£100 – £500) for just a few days – until they get paid. Hence the name.

However, the problem is the amount of interest you have to pay – borrowing just a small amount can still leave you with big chunks of interest – so in the end you are worse off. …and if you cannot pay off what you owe in full, the interest goes through the roof, and you get into a vicious circle – you run out of money even quicker next month, have to take out a loan for more money over a longer period, and it gets worse and worse.



Is there an alternative?

So if you already have a job, and you just need a little extra to keep you going to pay day, what are the alternatives?

Well how about starting a flexible work from home business that fits around your existing hours?

Kleeneze - an alternative to Pay Day Loans

Kleeneze does just that:

Kleeneze is a Home Shopping business that has been helping people earn an extra income since 1923. You can start earning money with Kleeneze immediately.

You can do Kleeneze part time.

You can also do Kleeneze full time if you want.

This is how Kleeneze works.

Kleeneze operates across the UK and Ireland.

There is no risk. What have you got to lose?

Get a FREE Kleeneze Information Pack now, and say goodbye to Pay Day Loans.


Bye for Now

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How Much Can You Earn Doing Kleeneze Part-Time?

How Much Can You Earn Doing Kleeneze Part-Time?


There was a recent article on the BBC Website stating that 1 in 10 workers in the UK are Underemployed.

3 million UK workers would like to work more hours, but their employers cannot, or will not, give them more work.

Are you one of these?

If you would like extra hours, but you can’t get them at your current place of work, what are your options?

  • Finding a completely new job with the hours you want can be stressful and difficult.
  • Finding a part time job that fits with your current hours can be almost impossible
  • So here is an option…

Have you considered starting a flexible part time business to earn extra money in those hours?

How Much Can You Earn Doing Kleeneze Part-Time?

I have been working with Kleeneze since 2008, and it is perfect for that situation:

  • You are your own boss.
  • You choose your own hours.
  • You can have as much or as little overtime as you want.
  • You work from home.


You need to commit 10-15 hours a week, and you can earn a nice part time income. Here are some examples.

You can build this up if you have  more time by delivering to more Kleeneze customers, or by becoming a Team Leader, but if you are just looking for a few extra hours around your other commitments, then look no further.

You receive full training and support on either of these options. So to find out more…

Click here for a FREE Kleeneze Info Pack.

Click here if you are interested in Kleeneze Full-Time.

Click here to see How Does Kleeneze Work?

 We are currently recruiting Kleeneze Distributors across the UK and Ireland.

Best wishes

Chris Smith



Hate Selling? Then Kleeneze is Perfect for you…

Looking for work, but you hate Selling?



“Excuse me madame, can I interest you in….”

“Have you seen our latest…”

“Can I explain the benefits of our …..”

If you’re like me, then having to sell something to a customer using phrases like this brings a chill to your bones. I Hate Selling. If they want to buy something, they’ll come and ask! That’s my view.

Which is one of the reasons that Kleeneze appealed to me.

There is no selling. So it is perfect for you if you hate selling.

Kleeneze is a very simple business, with a number of different aspects –

  • you can do Party Plan, if you’re a bubbly party person,
  •  and you can do Team building, which is great for building up a big residual income,
  • but the core business consists of delivering catalogues.

Hate Selling? Then take a look at Kleeneze


The best training you could undertake is simply to follow a postman….

You drop a catalogue through every letterbox in the street, and you go back to collect them a couple of days later. Some people will order from you, some people won’t.

You deliver the goods to the customer a couple of days later, and you earn commission on all of your orders.

As you get the catalogues back each time, you can put them out again 2 or 3 times a week – it is up to you.


This flexibility is one of the main reasons I joined. If I need extra money, I can simply deliver more catalogues and find more customers.

Kleeneze operates across the UK and Ireland.

So if you’re looking for a flexible way to earn some extra money, and you hate selling, then take a look at the FREE Kleeneze Information Pack.

Or take a look at Kleeneze – How it works.

Best wishes

Chris Smith


How much can you earn doing Kleeneze FULL-TIME?

Need a full-time income?

Have you considered becoming a Kleeneze distributor?

Kleeneze income full time or part-time


Most people join Kleeneze just to earn a little extra.

They do it alongside their existing commitments – maybe a job, looking after their children, or caring for an elderly relative.

Being a Kleeneze Distributor is perfect for these situations. You are self-employed, so you can work it in the hours you have available. Evenings and weekends, mornings while your kids are at school, evenings after your 9-5 job, whatever works for you.


However – what if you’re unemployed, or you’ve just been made redundant and need a serious income as soon as possible?

Can Kleeneze help you? Of Course!


Watch this two-minute training video from Paul Tonkin. He earns £4000 a month just delivering Kleeneze catalogues…

Now to be clear – Paul works hard, and it took him many months of hard work to build up this income. Do not think you will be able to do the same immediately. However, you can certainly build up a good full time income if you work hard at it. You can see how it works in the Kleeneze Business Model – How Does Kleeneze Work?

Is Kleeneze easy?

NO – if you want to earn Full-time money, you have to work FULL-TIME.


Is Kleeneze simple?

YES – If you can follow a postman, you can do Kleeneze.


Is Kleeneze worth it?

Decide for yourself – Read John Hawkes’ story.


You can start building a full time income immediately, and replace the income from your job,  just delivering Kleeneze catalogues, and building a rapport with your customers.

Then (and you don’t have to wait), you can move into the team building part of the business if you want to.

There are two reasons you might want to do this…

  • You can earn a lot more money
  • It is residual income. By that I mean you get paid for a long time after you have done the work. It is not dependent on you delivering your catalogues.

You can see more info about this here: “How Does Kleeneze Work?


So if you have been made redundant, or for any reason, you need to earn good money immediately, I would recommend you take this route…

  • Start off with the Kleeneze Business Builder 250 kit.
  • Deliver your catalogues twice a week to build up a good customer base and start earning money from day 1.
  • Start team building at the same time. This will increase your earnings from your own retail, increase your bonuses from your team’s retail, and start building a residual income at the same time.


What about Part-Time?

Working Kleeneze Full-Time is fair enough, but can you do it Part-Time?

Of Course: How Much Can You Earn Doing Kleeneze Part-Time?


If you have any questions about this, or you’d like some more info, just request a FREE Kleeneze info pack.


Bye for now.

Chris Smith

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze Distributor

Is Kleeneze Worth It?

Is Kleeneze Worth it?

When John Hawkes, Kleeneze Millionaire, was asked “Did you ever think of quitting?” He replied “Every Bloody Day!”


I remember John telling this story at a Kleeneze training day, and I was reminded of it recently when I read this quote…


I am not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”


This is John with my wife, Sarah…

Is Kleeneze Worth it? Ask John Hawkes, Kleeneze millionaire.

Is Kleeneze Worth it?


John was giving some training a few years ago, and told us his story. I recall it here as best I can…


He had joined Kleeneze when he was 58. He was having some financial difficulties after mortgage rates shot through the roof!


He started Kleeneze with his wife, Jeanette, and set a target of earning £1000 a month.

You can build a nice full time income by doing Kleeneze Full-Time,

or build it up more gradually by doing Kleeneze Part-Time.

It was hard work, but they achieved their target, which helped them survive their cash crisis. They continued to grow their business, but after a while, they hit a plateau – one month the business would grow, and the next it would drop, and so on, and on. Putting in a lot of work, and not seeing much reward, but keeping their head above water.

Somebody asked him – “Did you ever feel like quitting?” and his answer was “Every Bloody Day!”

But he persevered, and then suddenly, his business exploded, some new dynamic team members joined, and his business grew from strength to strength.


Kleeneze income full time or part-timeJohn and Jeanette earned over £1 million in their first seven years in the business. I think he is pleased he did not quit.

This was the impact of the Kleeneze Residual Income.



Is Kleeneze Worth it?

So… Is Kleeneze easy? – No. It is simple, but not easy.

You need to work hard. There will be good days and bad days, and there will be days you want to quit. But as I said at the beginning – I am not telling you it’s going to be easy, I am telling you it is going to be worth it!


If you would like to find out more about becoming a Kleeneze distributor, click here for a FREE Kleeneze Information Pack.


Best wishes


Chris Smith

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze Distributor

Why do people join Kleeneze? The Top 5 Reasons

Why do People Join Kleeneze?

Here are The Top 5 Reasons people join Kleeneze


why do people join Kleeneze

Why do people join Kleeneze?

Why do people join kleeneze?

Why do people join Kleeneze?







There are many different reasons why people join Kleeneze, and you’ll read them here, but first you need to understand why this is SO important…

Each reason can be categorised into one of two groups…

  • A desire for something, or
  • A fear of something.

… and the success of a new Kleeneze distributor is closely linked to whether they are worried about something, or whether they are striving to achieve something desireable. Again, I will explain this in a moment.


Why do people join Kleeneze? I’ll go through the top 5 reasons in this video…


…and you can read about it here…


Why do people join Kleeneze: The top 5 reasons

  1. Difficulty paying Bills
  2. Just been made redundant
  3. Worried about financial future/pension
  4. Want to treat the kids
  5. Saving for a car/holiday


If you break each one down, they are all really a desire for extra money, but let me go through each one in a bit more detail so I can explain the difference.


Difficulty Paying Bills

why do people join Kleeneze

Why do people join Kleeneze?

Not surprisingly, this is the biggest reason why people join Kleeneze.


It is so easy to get behind with your bills – credit card bills, electricity bills, rent, mortgage and so on.


You start off ok, you’re in a job, you’re on top of things, but then you’re partner has a baby, your hours get cut at work, and you just don’t seem to have as much money as you used to have.


The arrears mount up, you start getting pestering phone calls from debt collection agencies, you are stressed out and worried, so you look for a way to earn some extra money.

Usually just a little extra each week would make a big difference at this stage.


Just Been Made Redundant

Why do people join Kleeneze?

Just been made redundant?

This is a scary one, but a really common reason why people join Kleeneze: You have a good job, been working with the company for years. You have a nice house, a good car, and a young family all enjoying life.


Then the company starts to cut back, you lose your job, and in your forties or fifties, it seems hard to find another job.


You need to find something quickly that pays well, otherwise the Mortgage, HP and other bills will mount up quickly.


You need something where you can earn a full time income… How much can you earn with Kleeneze?


Worried about Financial Future / Pension

Another reason why people join Kleeneze relates to their future.

As you move on in life, your kids have grown up and left home, you have had a good career, you were paid well, but you’ll be retiring in 5-10 years, and your pension pot is not what it should be. At this rate you’ll have loads of time on your hands, but have no money to enjoy it.

You need something that will provide a little extra now, but build up to a nice pension in 5-10 years.


Want to treat the kids

Kids are a great reason why people join Kleeneze.

You’re coping ok with all the bills, but at the end of every month you have no money left at all.

It would be nice just to be able to treat the kids to a pizza, or a trip to the cinema at the weekend.

A little extra each week would be great, but it needs to be part time, and fit around the school run.


Saving for a car or holiday

You and your partner both have good jobs, but that big house you live in has high rent or mortgage costs.

You want to take on a second job that you can do together, that will allow you to save up for that fortnight in Spain you’d love each year.

An extra 10-15 flexible hours a week would do the job nicely.

Fear or desire?


So does it make any difference why you join Kleeneze? Whether you join Kleeneze to try and avoid a fearful situation, or to try and achieve a desirable outcome?

Well it seems that it does.

Here’s why:

Running your own Kleeneze business is a bit of a rollercoaster. There are good days and bad days. Days when you get a lot of orders, and days when you don’t get many orders. days when you get a really enthusiastic team member join, and days when your best team member quits.


To see you along that roller coaster ride, you need a strong motivation.


If the reason you start Kleeneze is because you have a fear of something, you have a strong Motivation: You know you have a big bill coming at the end of the month, so you work hard, you put your catalogues out every week, come rain or shine, and you earn yourself a little extra.

Great! That bill is paid off.

But then maybe you don’t have another bill due for a couple of weeks, so you decide not to go out on the next rainy day.

So you don’t earn anything the next week. Then you don’t really feel like going out the next day. and then you get out of the habit, so when the next bill comes, and you don’t have the money, you think, “Kleeneze doesn’t work, I didn’t earn enough for this bill, I’m going to quit”.


As your fear reduced (you paid off that urgent bill) your motivation reduced. This is why a lot of people who join Kleeneze to resolve a Fear, leave the business before they became successful.


But what if you have a desire for something positive?


You are saving up for that holiday, so you put your catalogues out each week, and you put your earnings away in a savings account. Each month your savings increase and you get closer and closer to your goal, and by the summer you have enough for a fantastic holiday. Your first Kleeneze Success Story!


You go away, have a great time, and come back batteries recharged, and set yourself a bigger goal “Next year we’ll go to Bermuda” – and you know you can do it because you’ve already done it.


So the person who joins with a desire for something, often succeeds, when the  person who joins over fear of something, often fails.


So can you fix this?

Yes, You can.

In my next post I will explain how you change that Fear into a Desire with Kleeneze.

Bye for Now.

 Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze DistributorChris Smith

How do you join Kleeneze? Find out here…

 How Do You Join Kleeneze?

Joining Kleeneze is very straightforward, and I’ll explain what you do in a moment, but first, there is one very important decision that you can easily forget, if you don’t understand how Kleeneze works. Most new starters don’t, so take a moment to look through this first.

That decision is “Which Kleeneze team should you join?” I’ll explain why in this short video…


I hope that made sense, but if you prefer to read it yourself, and to help you decide which team to join, let me explain a little about the structure of Kleeneze teams.


Kleeneze Head Office

Kleeneze Head Office

Kleeneze has a Head Office, in Accrington, Lancashire, where the employed staff are based, (pictured here), and the distribution warehouse.




However, ALL Kleeneze distributors are independent. They are not employed, they are self-employed. That includes me, it includes anyone who has delivered a catalogue to you, and it will include YOU if you decide to join.

So we are all independent, and we are grouped into teams.

Getting Started with Kleeneze

The team you are in, is the team of the person who SPONSORS you into the business.



Now this is important, because not all teams are equal. Some teams organise fantastic training, trips to local meetings, regular team meetings to welcome you to the team and so on, all aimed to give you as much support as you want to run your business. However some teams don’t offer as much support.

To give you an idea of our team’s support – here is our Kleeneze team information website.


So if you are thinking of joining Kleeneze, and you have received some information from a distributor, then ask them about what they offer in terms of support.

If you are happy with their answer, and you feel you have a good rapport with your sponsor, then that sounds like a good basis to go ahead.

If you are not happy, and you feel you might get better support elsewhere, then you are free to look for a different sponsor, and ask to join their team. However, you must do this BEFORE you sign up.

If you join Kleeneze, and after a couple of weeks you think that the support you are getting is not what you want, then it is very difficult to transfer to a different team at that point.


So – if you have found a sponsor, spoken with them, and feel that you get on well with them, and you like the sound of the level of support they will give you, then go ahead. Simply tell them you would like to join.

How do you join Kleeneze?

How do you join Kleeneze?

How do you join Kleeneze?

Once you have decided to join Kleeneze, the sign up process is very simple. It takes about 10 minutes. Your sponsor will send you an email with a link to the registration site, and you follow the steps online.

I always go through this with my new team members face to face, or over the phone, as there are some steps that can be tricky if you’re not familiar with them.

Once you have completed the registration, your catalogues will arrive around 2 working days later, and you’re off and running and ready to earn money!


If you’d like to find out more about joining Kleeneze, just click on this link and enter your details to get a FREE Kleeneze Info Pack.


Bye for Now

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze DistributorChris Smith






Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze DistributorHi there, Welcome to my Kleeneze information site.


My name is Chris Smith, and I have been an Independent Kleeneze Distributor since 2008, along with my wife Sarah. With a little help from our daughters Sophie and Scarlett 🙂



I hope to provide you with all of the information about Kleeneze you will need, to help you make a decision on whether Kleeneze is the right Work from Home opportunity for you. That is important, because it is not for everyone.


…..and secondly, I hope that you will get to know me a little on these pages, so that you would choose to work with me in my team. I would love you to join our Kleeneze team.


Here is a Quick Guide to what you can find here. You can find all of the links in the menu bar at the top, or click on them here:


How Does Kleeneze Work? – a brief description of how you earn money, the two different parts to Kleeneze, how it can help students, mums and dads, and even if you are unemployed or have been made redundant and want full time work.

Kleeneze Videos – there’s a lot of text in this website, but if you prefer to watch videos to do your research, then this is the place for you.

Locations – Kleeneze operates in the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, and Germany. Find out more here.

Success Stories – It’s all very well me telling you that Kleenze is wonderful – but can you really make money out of Kleeneze? Here are some people that do.

Support & Training – Once you start Kleeneze, what help do you get? Loads! There is a full infrastructure of training – meetings, webinars, conferences, manuals – However you want it!

Online Shop – want to have a quick look at the Kleeneze products? You can view the online shop here.


So please, have a look through these pages, feel free to feedback any comments you have, and I look forward to working with you soon.


I have a sister Blog which is not about Kleeneze, it is more about me and my thoughts on Personal Development. You can find out more about me and my thoughts there.


Click here NOW for a FREE Kleeneze information pack.


Best wishes

Chris Smith

Independent Kleeneze Distributor since 2008


Can you earn money with Kleeneze?

Can you earn money with Kleeneze? Can you REALLY earn money with Kleeneze?

Kleeneze: Frequently Asked Questions

Kleeneze: Frequently Asked Questions

I’m going to be up front with you here. I have been working my Kleeneze business since 2008, and it is harder than I thought.


But do I regret starting?

No! I just wish I had started 10 years ago. You’ll see why, a bit further down.



So can you earn money with Kleeneze?

Of course! I’ll show you…

Now, if you’d like to see the details of how Kleeneze works…Click Here How does Kleeneze Work?


Kleeneze is a very simple business, so anybody can do it, but it is not easy. If you are looking for a way to sit at home watching TV, and get paid for doing it, then Kleeneze is not for you.

However – if you are looking for a business that will reward you for hard work – then this is exactly the right business for you!


There are 2 sides to the business…

  1. The retail side – you deliver and collect catalogues to houses where you live, or sell our products on Facebook and other Social media.
  2. The team building side – you show other people how to deliver and collect catalogues where they live.

Look at “How does Kleeneze Work?” to see the details.


So how can you earn money with Kleeneze? Well, you can do just the retail side.

If you want to earn a little extra, part time, you can do that simply by delivering and collecting catalogues around your area. This is fine, anybody can do that if you (or a partner) are reasonably active.

Are there any problems with that? Well, it does rain – so you will need a coat. Also, you will meet your customers, so a friendly attitude is helpful.

Basically, if you are a hard-worker, with a friendly, positive approach on life – you can do this no problem at all.


What about the team building side? Can you just do that?

I have had people ask if they can join without doing the catalogues. It is possible, but to be honest I discourage anyone who wants to do that – because if you are trying to coach and support your team to do something that you have never done, then you will find it difficult to answer their questions.

So – most people start off with the retail side, and then start team-building. And this is where the fun really begins.

For a start – you earn bonuses based on your own sales, plus the sales of anyone that you introduce to the business (your team members). Plus the sales of anyone that they introduce, plus the sales of anyone that they introduce… and so on.

So you can earn a LOT more by building a team. Especially if you recruit team members who then want to build teams. You then earn a residual income that is growing by itself. Can you see why I wish I had got into this 10 years ago?


This is what your Kleeneze income could look like if you are serious about Team Building…

kleeneze income curve


So if you were to ask me “Chris, when would be a good time to start with Kleeneze?” I would say NOW!

The sooner you start building your residual income – then sooner it hits the knee of the curve and starts climbing like mad.

I am happy to show you what I earn from Kleeneze, and my team members… Have a look at my team’s Success Stories.

If you would like to join us, or just want some more info,

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Bye for now

Chris Smith