Gail and Kira

Mother and Daughter Gail McKibben and Kira Thomas have been successful Kleeneze Distributors for a long time. You can read their story here.

I love the first paragraph where Gail’s husband Stuart comes back with £450 in sales orders and says “I never spoke to anyone! Easiest sales I’ve ever done”

Gail and Kira Kleeneze Distributors


Gail and Kira 2

One of the things that you will notice from these interviews, and that I hear a lot when I talk to other successful kleeneze distributors, is how much more enjoyable it is bringing up a family when you are a Kleeneze distributor.

You have the freedom to choose the hours that you work – so you never miss a school sports day, or a school show, or a parents evening. You are always there for your children if they are ill, or they just need a hug.

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