Helen and Abby Allgood

Helen Allgood and her daughter Abby Allgood are an amazing example of how families can be successful Kleeneze Distributors.

Helen joined Kleeneze with her husband Paul because they  were struggling. Paul had a milk round and a full time job. Helen had two part time jobs and two children. They just wanted to get out of their jobs, while still paying off their debts and mortgage.

Abby, Helen’s daughter, found it an easy decision to join Kleeneze, because she had seen how it had transformed her parent’s lives. From being snowed under with failing businesses and jobs, to having a successful kleeneze business in just 12 months, Abby decided to follow in their footsteps.

Read their brilliant stories below…

Helen Allgood Kleeneze Distributor

Helen Allgood Kleeneze distributor

Abby Allgood Kleeneze Distributor

Abby Allgood Kleeneze Distributor

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