Kleeneze Distributor: A typical day

A typical day in my life as a Kleeneze Distributor

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What is a typical day for you? I guess it depends on your situation, do you commute to a nine to five job, work hard, then commute home? Do you get the kids’ breakfast ready, get them ready for school, take them to school, wash, clean, pick the kids up, make tea….?

We are all different, but if you’ve ever wondered what it is like being a Kleeneze Distributor, then I hope I can enlighten you. You can see here how Kleeneze Works.

Every day is different, but this will give you an idea. I work hard on my Kleeneze business, because I know the rewards will be fantastic. A fantastic lifestyle, holidays whenever we want to take them, residual income, early retirement if I want to, making sure I can treat my children whenever I want and so much more. I know I will achieve all of these things, but I have to earn those rewards, so let me explain how I am doing that….

A typical day

kleeneze successI wake up about 6am, and spend an hour working on my Kleeneze business marketing. This might be writing a Blog page (like this one), or creating a Google Adwords campaign for example. As a Kleeneze Distributor, growing my Business is the most important daily task. Growth now gives me the security, income, and lifestyle for the future.


Kleeneze shaveA quick wash and a shave, and then about 7:30am, I go out and deliver my Kleeneze catalogues to my customers. This is the part that most people associate with being a Kleeneze Distributor. I deliver about 100 catalogues, once a week, to my regular customers. When I first started I delivered a lot more than that, as I was finding and building my customer base. A new Kleeneze Distributor delivers around 250 catalogues a week to get started. I now get the rewards of that 6 months work at the beginning, as I only deliver to regular customers, so it is a lot less work, and a lot more income from their orders.

Kleeneze feeling smug


So by about 9am I come home, and I really enjoy my breakfast. Most people are only just getting into work, and I already have my catalogues out working for me, and my marketing is out, finding new team members for me. I have already had a productive day, and it is just 9am. I sit there with my mug of tea, and my toast, feeling very smug.

But I don’t stop there. After breakfast, I make some phone calls to people that have responded to my adverts overnight. Maybe they received one of my leaflets, or saw an internet campaign, or read an article on my blog.

happy-phone-callI love this part. I have a quick chat, to understand their situation, and to see if Kleeneze will be able to help them. I get to speak to all sorts of people. Mums that want to earn some money around the school run; Hard working people who are struggling to find work, and are sick of being on benefits; Professionals who are worried about their pensions, and want to build a secure financial future. This variety makes my day.

After speaking to each one, I send them a Kleeneze information pack, which explains to them about becoming a Kleeneze Distributor, and how Kleeneze might be able to solve their problems, and improve the quality of their life.

Kleeneze parcelforce

Once a week, around mid-morning, Clive, our ParcelForce driver, delivers my orders that I collected from my 100-or-so catalogues I had delivered last week. I sort the goods into my different customer orders, and put them all in the car ready to deliver.


As I drive round to each of my customers, i give them a quick call to let them know I’m on my way. They like this, so they can get their money ready, and they’re not surprised when I knock on the door. This is a great part of my week. All of my customers have stories to tell, about their day, or their week, or their life. I love listening to them, sharing a few minutes and enriching my life and theirs, in just a small way.

Kleeneze cup of tea

In mid-afternoon my daughters come home, Scarlett from school, and Sophie from her Day centre, and I love to spend a few minutes with them and my wife Sarah, over a cup of tea, finding out what exciting things have happened today.


In late afternoon I usually spend an hour calling my team members. We have a quick chat,  see if everyone is ok, if they need any help with anything, check that they are happy that their business is growing as quickly as they’d like.

We have our family meal around 6pm – this is a really important time together, and I love being able to eat with them without feeling stressed after a long commute. It is a relaxed time when we can talk about our day, our plans, and life in general.

Around 7pm I usually have some more calls to make – people that want to talk to me about joining Kleeneze, but who work during the day. Other prospects that I have not yet been able to speak to, I try them in the evening, as it may be more convenient for them to talk then.

Kleeneze Webinar

Once a week I run a training webinar for my team, and other Kleeneze Distributors and their teams. This is just 30 minutes from 8pm, but they seem to go down very well. Short, sharp, and helpful, I hope.


Kleeneze jim RohnBy 9pm I am almost finished for the day. I help Sophie to bed (she likes a story, and I love reading to her). and I finish off with a bit of reading. Personal Development is one of the secret benefits of becoming a Kleeneze Distributor. I have learnt so many skills that help me in all aspects of my life – how to stop procrastinating, how to do things that seem a bit scary at first, how to stop criticising people just because you don’t agree with them, how to be positive, optimistic, and cheerful. All of these things make my days wonderful. and all of these things I learnt by reading for a few minutes each evening.

So if I said to you I work from 6am to 9pm every day, you might think “Poor thing, what long hours!”, but please don’t feel sorry for this Kleeneze Distributor. “If you do something you love, you never have to work a day in your life” – this is just how I feel.

….and what rewards do I get for all of this?

A nice monthly income – and I work on growing this every month…

but you don’t have to work this hard at the beginning. You can start part-time. When I first started I just wanted a little extra, just delivering catalogues to my lovely customers…

Chris smith Kleeneze Cheque

Sarah Smith Kleeneze Miami


… and in 2012 Kleeneze took Sarah and I on an all-expenses paid, 5-star luxury trip to Miami…






Breakfast - Kleeneze style in Dubai



… and in 2013, Kleeneze took us to Dubai…




I hope this has given you an idea of what my life as a Kleeneze Distributor is like. I work hard, and I enjoy the flexibility, and the rewards. i am looking forward to bigger rewards in the future.

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Bye for now

Chris Smith