Kleeneze for Mums

Kleeneze for Mums (and Dads)

How Mums (and Dads) earn extra money with Kleeneze:

Kleeneze is a Home Shopping business. Anyone can start, and you can earn money in two ways: Retail, and Team Building. Click here for a summary of How Kleeneze Works.


Kleeneze for Mums (and Dads)


It is great for Mums and Dads who are looking after their children, because it is so flexible. With a traditional job with fixed hours, you are always worried about taking time off work if your son or daughter is ill.


With Kleeneze, you are self-employed, so you can choose when you work.

You can stay at home if the children are ill. If you want to go to see the school play, you don’t need to ask your boss for time off.


You must be able to commit at least 10-15 hours a week to Kleeneze. A couple of hours a day works well. if you can commit more time you can increase your earnings by delivering more catalogues to find more customers.


You can also introduce other people to Kleeneze. As a result, your earnings can increase because Kleeneze pay you extra bonuses based on THEIR orders, as well as your own.



If you would like some information about becoming a Kleeneze Distributor, Click Here for a FREE Kleeneze Information Pack.