Kleeneze for Students (or how to avoid a BIG student debt)

Kleeneze for Students (or how to avoid a BIG student debt)

Kleeneze is a Home Shopping business where students can earn money in two ways: Retail, and Team Building. Click here for a summary of How Kleeneze Works.

Kleeneze helps you to avoid building up a student debtIt works particularly well for students because it is so flexible.


You are self-employed, so you can choose when to work. There is no boss to call if you have extra studies, or need to take time off to do extra course work.


You need to be able to commit at least 10-15 hours a week to Kleeneze. If you have more time, you can build your customer base more quickly by delivering more catalogues.

In addition to your own retail, you can also introduce other people to Kleeneze. Kleeneze pay you extra bonuses based on THEIR orders, as well as your own orders.


Here are a couple of students – take a look at their stories…


Read Georgie Goodger‘s story here –

Kleeneze for students

Georgie Started Kleeneze as a student, and now does it full time.


Abby Allgood – you can watch her story here…

Abby Allgood – student Kleeneze Distributor

If you’d like to find out how you can become a Kleeneze distributor, just request a FREE Kleeneze information Pack.