Kleeneze International Conferences

Kleeneze in Miami, Dubai,….

One of the best kept secrets of Kleeneze’s success is how it rewards its’ distributors.

Aswell as the income, and the cars, every year Kleeneze take around 200 distributors to a fantastic destination around the world as a reward for their hard work.

All expenses paid, 5-star Luxury. It is a conference you will never, ever, forget.

I am looking for new team members to join me on the next one. If you’d like a taste of this luxury, you can find out how to join my team  – just click here for a Free Kleeneze Information Pack.

So far, I have been rewarded with the following amazing conferences…

Kleeneze Miami 2012.jpg



Miami 2012 (click on this link to read more)





Breakfast - Kleeneze style



Dubai 2013 (click on this link to read more)