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Kleeneze is a Home Shopping business, and has been helping people earn extra money since 1923.

If you become a Kleeneze Distributor, you start in the same way as everyone else – with no customers and no team members, but with a bunch of catalogues, and a team leader to help and support you.

Your goals and ambitions will determine how successful you are, and which area of the business you focus on.

I am going to describe three Kleeneze Jobs:

  • Catalogue Distributor
  • Team Leader
  • Business Coach

However, they are not really jobs. All Kleeneze Distributors are self employed, and Kleeneze is really a Business Opportunity, rather than an employer who employs staff to do a specific job.

There is a summary of these descriptions here: Kleeneze Business Coach

You can also watch this short video where I explain the difference between the 3 roles:

Kleeneze Distributors earn money in 2 ways, and all of the “jobs” described below are simply extensions of that.

Kleeneze Retail Profit

Firstly, you earn money by moving product. You can do this in several different ways.

  • You deliver catalogues to houses in your area, and customers can order from you.
  • You hold a party and invite some friends round. You show them the products, and they can buy from you.
  • You advertise products online via Facebook, Ebay etc, and people can buy from you.

You earn 15% – 21% commission on all of these sales. This is called Retail Profit. There is no limit to how many sales you can make, or how much retail profit you earn.

Kleeneze Bonuses

Secondly, on top of the profit from your own sales, you can achieve bonuses.

At the end of every Kleeneze period (28 days), Kleeneze pay you a bonus, on top of your retail profit. This bonus is based on the total orders you have placed, and is called your Volume Bonus.

The Volume Bonus can be increased in 2 ways – place more orders yourself, or recruit other Kleeneze Distributors who place orders. Your Volume Bonus is based on the orders placed by you AND your team members.

If you grow your team by recruiting Kleeneze Distributors, and some of the people you recruit want to start growing their own teams, then you can show them how to do that. Once you and your team achieve a certain level, you receive additional bonuses called Loyalty Bonuses.

So now you have an idea of the different ways of earning money, that can help you to decide which of the different “jobs” you want to focus on.


Kleeneze Job: Catalogue Distributor

Kleeneze Catalogue Deliverers and Team Leaders

Kleeneze Catalogue Deliverers

As a Catalogue Distributor, you will be primarily be earning money by finding people who want to order from the catalogue, and delivering to them regularly. When you first start off, you have no customers, and you find them by delivering catalogues in your area. Some people will order, some won’t. Over a period of time (3 – 6 months), you can find more and more customers, and you get to the point where you are only delivering catalogues to people who have ordered from you in the past. You stop delivering to people who don’t order. This is called Building Your Customer Base.

You can build your customer base as big as you want. Many distributors have 200, 300, 400 customers. Some have over 1000. There is no limit other than your own ambition.


Kleeneze Job: Team Leader

Kleeneze Team Leaders

Kleeneze Team Leaders


Many Kleeneze Distributors want to increase their income by becoming a Team Leader. This has two significant advantages over being a Catalogue Deliverer.

  1. You can earn more as a Team Leader. The orders of your team members are used to calculate your Volume Bonus. The bigger your team, the more orders they place, and the bigger the bonus you earn. There is no limit to how many people you introduce to Kleeneze, and there is no limit to how many orders they can place.
  2. As a Catalogue Distributor, your earnings are based entirely on your own efforts. If you take some time off, or you twist an ankle or are ill, then there is nobody putting your catalogues out for you, so your income will be reduced. However, if you have a team who are all placing orders to earn their own income, then you will still be getting Volume Bonuses as a result. This is the first stage in building a residual income – Money you are paid long after the work you did to earn it is finished.

Becoming a Team Leader is possible for every distributor.  Watch this training video on Team Building for Beginners.

It simply consists of finding people who (like you) are looking for a way to earn some extra money, and showing them how to do what you do. You support them, help them, and guide them to achieve whatever they want from their Kleeneze business.


Kleeneze Job: Business Coach

Kleeneze Business Coach

Kleeneze Business Coach

In the section on being a Kleeneze Team Leader, I mentioned starting to build a Residual Income.

If you are a Team Leader, you are starting to earn a residual income, but it is dependent on you continually recruiting new team members if you want to increase your income.

The next stage in your growth, and this is where things get really exciting, is when you show some of your team members how THEY can recruit people into Kleeneze. So they become Team Leaders, and you become a Business Coach.

At that point, instead of teaching them how to deliver catalogues and look after their customers, you are teaching them how to find team members, and how to support their team.

At this point, your earnings can grow significantly, because once your Team members become Team Leaders, they are growing their business, and so whether you like it or not, they are also growing YOUR business.

If you are interested in any of these Kleeneze Jobs, click here for a Free Kleeneze Information Pack.

Be part of our winning team

Be part of our winning team

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