Kleeneze Southern Millionaire’s College – December 4th 2013

Review of the Kleeneze Southern Millionaire’s training conference

held at Bracknell, on December 4th 2013

Kleeneze provide a fantastic range of support and training for all distributors.
Here’s a review of the speakers at this Millionaire’s College. The last one before Christmas is always great fun…

Sohail Ahmed

Kleeneze Sohail Ahmed
Sohail was the top retailer last month – earning over £5,000 just from his own retail. He explained the importance of looking after your customers. “Customer Service is King!”

Amanda Bibby

Kleeneze Amanda Bibby

Amanda started Kleeenze with her hu8sband Mike, when they had four children, aged 4, 4, 7, and 7. Their life was already hectic!

Amanda explained how they just got really busy when the started in 1996, and they still do now. Delivering catalogues to earn and extra £50 a week when they started. Generating lots of Leads to team build – they would aim to speak to 30 people a day about the business, it was manic! But they build a huge and successful business by doing Kleeneze Day in, Day out.

Gavin Scott

Kleeneze Gavin ScottGavin explained that the secret of success in Kleeneze is to cheat. At school you were told not to copy what other people do. In kleeenze the best tip is to find someone who is successful, and copy them!

Steve Roper

Kleeneze Steve Roper

Steve gave a great review of the recent Kleeneze conference in Dubai many Kleeneze distributors think they could never qualify for one of the international conferences, but so many people in the room had. Steve explained you just need to do what yoiu know you should do, and work with your Kleeneze sponsor, who can help you.

Hazel Stephen

Hazel explained the influence you, as a Team Leader, have on your team. If you want to grow your business, then Get Excited. If you get excited, your team will get excited. If you slow down, your team will slow down.

Today is the first day of 2014. Everyone else sets their New Year Resolutions and their plans for the year in 2014. if you start now, you will be three weeks ahead of them, and that will give you a great start to a great year!

Mike Bibby

Kleeneze Mike BibbyMike talked about How to become a Master Team Builder. The key to your success is to generate more leads. The more people you talk to, the more people will join your business.

He explained how to make your team feel part of something BIG! Have local training sessions so they can see what other people are doing that is working, and it motivates people to do the same.

Mix witrh the right people, Mike said. Find people who are really successful in Kleeenze, and talk to them Millionaire’s Colleges are a great time to do that.

John Stephen

John explained that for most people, making a change can be scary. Joining Kleeenze is a change for them. Even though it can offer them something fantastic, and transform their lives, they are scared of doing something different.

“Your success is determined by the actions you take today” Don’t procrastinate!

John always tries to get new team members off to a quick start, by getting them some team members quickly. “Let’s get you 2 or 3 team members before your catalogues arrive”



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