Kleeneze Southern Millionaire’s training conference 6th October 2013

Review of the Kleeneze Southern Millionaire’s training conference

held at Bracknell, on October 6th 2013

Kleeneze provide a fantastic range of support and training for all distributors.
Here’s a review of the speakers at this Millionaire’s College. Lots of excitement with the Dubai Qualifiers looking forward to their 5-star, all-expenses paid trip, laid on by Kleeneze in November.
Kleeneze Audience
A room packed with Kleeneze Distributors waits in anticipation for our first speaker…

Mark Gordon KleenezeMark Gordon

Mark has just qualified as a Gold Distributor, and gave a testimonial, explaining how he was building his Kleeneze business in Bury, with his partner, who lives 90 miles away in Nottingham. They both have full time jobs.
As Mark said – Distance is no object, he just uses pockets of time.

Jeff and Fran Topple KleenezeJeff and Fran Topple

Jeff and Fran Topple are Bronze Executive Kleeneze Distributors, and they explained how success in Kleeneze is all about stickability. Kleeneze doubles Jeff’s pension, and it has allowed them to live mortgage-free, and debt-free. Kleeneze has given them enormous Peace of Mind.

Fran talked about the huge importance of Personal Development, and reflected on how the carelessness of a few words from a teacher cost her 27 years of self-doubt. When she was 7 years old, she had gone to a parents evening at her school with her mum and dad. They were beaming. The teacher asked why they were looking so pleased, and the replied that they were pleased that Fran had come third in a class test. The teacher then said “Oh that was just a flash in the pan. Fran will never amount to anything”.

Those words stuck with Fran for years and years, holding her back, reducing her ambition, until she finally discovered Personal Devleopment, and realised that the only person who could decide if she would amount to anything was herself.

      John Webb KleenezeJohn Webb

The title of John’s talk was “Don’t be Average, be a Champion”
John explained how everyone can be a champion. If you set your mind on it. You will need to step outside of your comfort zone, but it is ok to do that. In fact it is exciting.
“A ship in a harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships are for”
John also explained that if you want things to change, you have to change. If you have been doing what you are doing for a couple of years, and your business is not growing as quickly as you’d like it to, then you have to change something.
John explained the Four Steps to success in Kleeneze:
  • Retail
  • Sponsor
  • Coach
  • Personal Development

Debra Nell

Debra Nell give us her story of how Kleeneze had allowed her and her husband Steve to do so much in their lives.
Her son was a very keen Ice Hockey player. When he was 14, Debra and Steve had paid for him to go to an Academy in Canada to train to be a professional Ice Hockey player.
They had gone out to Canada to visit him for 10 weeks one summer. At one point Debra decided to stay there with him for 5 months.
Their daughter Lauren had just joined the business, and Debra was really looking forward to helping her achieve the same successes and quality of life that she had.

Karim Kamali KleenezeKarim Kamali

Karim talked about the Power of Leverage.

He explained the importance of having a really strong WHY. What is your reason for wanting to achieve success in Kleeneze? Make it an emotional reason – doing things for your family for example.

He recommended you invest. Invest in…

  • Time
  • Money
  • Attitude
  • Meetings

Gary Watson Kleeneze

Gary Watson

Gary joined Kleeneze in 1995, and explained a little of his story – his first 5 weeks, his first 5 months, his first 5 years.

He was a big believer in getting started quickly. “What you lack in skill, you make up in numbers”.

When he joined Kleeneze, he had been earning £125 a week, after working in a warehouse for 13 years. The people he worked with had one ambition – to make it to Friday.

In the 10 years after joining Kleeneze, he had earned over £1 million. To earn the same amount in his old job, he would have had to work for 245 years!

It makes you think.


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