Kleeneze Top Earners

At the Kleeneze conference in Birmingham on May 16th 2015, some of the top earners in the company were given cheques to represent their recent earnings…

Most people join Kleeneze just to earn a little extra – maybe £50 – £100 a week. However, it is possible to earn much more.

Disclaimer: Be aware that building a business to these levels requires a significant amount of effort over many years, and there is no guarantee that you will achieve the same levels of income.

success cheque - Peter and Jackie White

Peter and Jackie White – Kleeneze Distributors

success cheque - Allan and Billie-Dee Moffat

Allan Moffatt – Kleeneze Distributor

Bob Webb - Kleeneze Distributor

Bob Webb – Kleeneze Distributor

success cheque - Craig and John Hawkes

Craig and John Hawkes – Kleeneze Distributors

success cheque - Mike and Amanda Bibby

Mike and Amanda Bibby – Kleeneze Distributors

success cheque - Muriel and Tony Judson

Tony Muriel – Kleeneze Distributor

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Kleeneze Distributor, click here for a Free Kleeneze information pack. 

Join our winning team

Join our winning team


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