Fancy a Pizza?

Kleeneze Pizza

A Pizza with the kids can be £24 or more.


If you’re like me, you love treating the kids to a Pizza and a trip to the cinema at the weekend.

How many times did you go to watch Frozen? I think I know “Let it Go” off by heart now.


…but it’s not cheap is it? You can easily pay £8 for a pizza, so even if it’s just you and the kids that would be £24. Plus the cost of the film. That will set you back another £24. So that’s nearly £50 for the trip.

If you’re not working, finding £50 for a trip out is not easy, so that means it can be a rare treat.

So what is the answer?

Get a job? Maybe, or maybe not.

One answer is to get a job. Many mums look for part time work once their children are at school. However, that can bring its’ own problems…

Will your boss give you time off if one of your children is poorly? Maybe the first time your boss will understand, but what about the next?

What about the school holidays? Who would look after the children while you’re at work? Childcare could be the answer, but that’s not cheap. It can feel like you’re going to work just to pay for the Childcare. What’s the point in that?

Then after a long day at work with your boss moaning at you, you get home feeling stressed out, and you really don’t feel like listening to the children tell you about their exciting day. How guilty does THAT make you feel?


What would else could you do?

Maybe something where the hours are flexible, so you can choose them to fit around the school run and your other commitments.

Grace just wanted to be there for her boys.

Grace just wanted to be there for her boys.

Imagine being there to pick up your children from school every day; to listen to their stories, meet their new friends, and see their new paintings that they are so excited to show you.

How about working for yourself, with no boss? Then you can take time off when you want to, and work longer hours if and when you need to, and when it suits you.



Then let me tell you about Kleeneze. This could be the answer you’re looking for.

Kleeneze is a Home Shopping Business that has been helping people earn extra money, working from home, since 1923.

Direct Selling Association

Direct Selling Association

Office of Fair Trading

Office of Fair Trading






Kleeneze are Founder members of the Direct Selling Association, and are approved by the Office of Fair Trading. So you know you’re in safe hands.


How does it work?

You earn money by selling products from our wide range, delivering and collecting catalogues to houses in your area, or by advertising products online using local Facebook groups. You can increase your earnings by doing both.

If you want to earn more, you can become a Team Leader by showing others how to do the same. This is also the way to build a residual income.


How much can you earn?

As long as you commit 10-15 hours a week to your new Kleeneze business, you can earn a good part time income. Perfect for treating the kids to that Pizza and a trip to the movies.

To see how you would do that, take a look at the Kleeneze Business Model – How does Kleeneze Work?

Your earnings can increase as you get to know your area better, and your customers get to know you, like you, and trust you.

If you are serious, and want to do 20-30 hours per week or more, then you can increase your earnings by delivering more catalogues, and finding more customers.

If you want to become a Team Leader, then you can earn a lot more. There are many distributors across the country earning full time incomes.


Would you be able to do it?

As long as you are over 18, then Yes:

  • It doesn’t require “education”. If I can do it then so can you!
  • It doesn’t require capital. You only pay for your customer’s goods after your customers have paid you.
  • It doesn’t require luck. Kleeneze distributors have been successful across the whole UK just by following our easy to follow system. You get full training with online videos which you can watch at your own pace, and you have your sponsor on hand to help you and guide you.
  • It doesn’t require talent. Just a desire to earn some extra money, and a willingness to work for it.
  • It doesn’t require youth – John Hawkes was 58 when he joined, he now lives on the residual income from his team.
  • It doesn’t require experience. There is no selling, you don’t need the gift of the gab, or any special skills. If you can follow a postman, you can earn money with Kleeneze. If you can show someone how to follow a postman, you can be a team leader.


Do you need a car?

A car can help. If you live in a small village, a car would be useful if you want to deliver to the surrounding villages.

If you live in a town or city, then no. Many distributors run their Kleeneze business entirely on foot, or using public transport.


But what if nobody orders?

Kleeneze have been helping their distributors earn money from their catalogues for over 25 years, so they know that new distributors across the whole country receive orders every time they deliver their catalogues. However, if you don’t get orders from the first catalogues you put out, you can simply deliver them again to other houses. There are no territories in Kleeneze, you are free to deliver your catalogues wherever you wish.


What if there is already a Kleeneze Distributor in your area?

Actually, there is already a distributor in almost every town in the country, so chances are there will be someone nearby. In fact, my sponsor lives just 200 yards from me, and when I started, she had been in the business for 9 years, so I thought she would have every customer in the town and I would have to go to a different town. However, she told me just to start delivering catalogues on my road, then the next road, and so on. So I did, and I found I got orders from houses in between her customers, as she was only delivering to her regular customers, and the houses in between hadn’t had a catalogue for ages!


What help and support will you get?

Kleeneze Venice

Would you like to be part of our successful team?


You will be part of our amazing team. You can come to our local training meetings, watch our video training, and get one to one training and support from me.

My job is to help you get whatever you want out of Kleeneze. I am just a phone call away. 


What if it’s not for me?

If you decide that Kleeneze is not right for you, then you can leave at any time. There is no contract, no notice period. Or, if you’re a team leader, you could just take a break and continue to receive your residual income.

 How do you get started?

Getting started is really simple. We do the registration online. It takes about 10-15 minutes, and I will guide you through it over the phone, at the same time, I can answer any questions you might have.

Your catalogues arrive 2 days later and you’re ready to go.

In fact, if you already use Facebook and you follow our simple online training, you can be up and running after 20 minutes!


How much does it cost?

The cost of your starter pack is £25.

For that you get all of the Facebook set up, your personal coach, the one-to-one training, and 15 catalogues to help you get started on the Catalogue side.

If you want more catalogues to make a quick start, you can go for the Catalogue starter pack. In this pack you get 250 sets of catalogues, all of your order forms, plastic bags and everything you need to get started, plus the training and access to our amazing new Facebook selling guide. This starter pack costs £99.

That sounds expensive!

If you are not working at the moment, then finding £25 to get started can be hard. When I first looked at it, I decided that I would sacrifice a few things until I had enough to get started, because once I was up and running, I could take the kids out for a Pizza and a Movie EVERY weekend if I wanted to.

My sponsor showed me how much she was earning (you can read her story here), so I knew it would work if I worked, and I was right (You can see my latest cheque here).

Kleeneze works for me, and it can work for you too!

Get started today!

You can start earning money today: to get started just call me on 01425 470558 or 07956 327327, or email me on and I’ll call you straight back.

Or Click here to view a detailed Kleeneze information Pack.

Can you smell that delicious pizza with all the toppings yet?

Best wishes

Be part of our winning team

Be part of our winning team

Chris and Sarah Smith

Independent Kleeneze Distributors