Kleeneze Business Coach

Have you ever thought about becoming a Kleeneze distributor, but wanted a bit more responsibility? Something that would make better use of your skills?

Maybe you already have some experience of being a team leader, or a manager.

Perhaps you have been self-employed in the past, and have experience of running your own business?

You should consider becoming a Kleeneze Business Coach.

Let me briefly explain the different roles within any Kleeneze team:

Kleeneze Distributor

Catalogue DeliverersA Kleeneze Distributor typically earns most of their income by their own efforts. See the Kleeneze Business Model – How Does Kleeneze Work?

They deliver and collect Kleeneze Catalogues in their area, and deliver orders to their customers.

They need to be organised, have good customer service skills, be hard working, and be willing to learn.

By following our system, and taking on board the training, and delivering your catalogues regularly, you can earn a little extra each week, just to help cover the bills, or treat yourself at the weekend.



Kleeneze Team Leader

Kleeneze team leaderA Kleeneze Team Leader can a good income by delivering to their own customers, but a larger proportion is earned as commission from their team’s orders.

A Team Leader is responsible for recruiting new starters, and showing them how to be a Kleeneze Distributor.

As well as the skills of a Kleeneze Distributor, they also need to be a good communicator, to help and support their team.

If the Team Leader consistently recruits, helps, and supports people who join the business, and start placing orders from their own retail, after a few months the Kleeneze Team leader can earn a full time income.


Kleeneze Business Coach

Kleeneze business coachA Kleeneze Business Coach may still have an income from their customers, but the majority can be from their large and growing team.

As well as recruiting new Kleeneze Distributors, you will be responsible for identifying your team leaders, coaching them, and supporting them to grow their own teams.

Your skills will include those of a Kleeneze Distributor and Team Leader, but in addition you will be ambitious, determined and persistent. You will have good Coaching Skills, be a confident presenter and trainer, and have a constant desire to learn new skills.

A Kleeneze Business Coach who develops a team of successful Kleeneze Team Leaders can earn a fabulous residual income  as their team grows, and they train their own Team Leaders to become Business Coaches themselves. This can take many months, or years, but it is a worthwhile effort, as the majority of their income will be a residual income, as a result of their efforts recruiting, training, coaching, and supporting their team.


As you can see, Kleeneze has a role for many different skill sets. Many people join Kleeneze as distributors, to simply earn an extra £50 a week, but they become Team Leaders and move on to become Business Coaches with large residual incomes, as their experience grows, and they learn new skills.

So if you would like to learn more about any of these roles, click here for a Kleeneze information pack.

Bye for Now

chris smith kleeneze distributor


Chris Smith

Independent kleeneze Business Coach