Kleeneze Training Academy

In September 2014, Kleeneze published this 30 minute Kleeneze Training Academy video.

The video is presented by Michael Khatkar, and features top distributors Craig White, Neil Young, and Jamie and Adele De Caso.

It provides you with a great source of inspiration and information, and explains why and how you should grow your kleeneze business by sponsoring new team members…

This Kleeneze Training Video covers…

Kleeneze Training: Getting Started with Kleeneze

  • The Importance of Sponsoring
  • Your Warm List
  • the Tone of your Voice
  • Power Words
  • The Three Foot Rule
  • Different Rods in the pond
  • The Business Kit
  • Objections and Questions
  • Personal Confidence


Get yourself a cup of tea, a pen and notebook, and watch this fantastic Kleeneze training video…


I hope you found that useful. If you have any questions about this Kleeneze Training, feel free to contact me here.

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