The Top 5 Reasons People Fail with Kleeneze

Kleeneze is a simple business – but many people fail.

Why is that?


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Here are the Top 5 Reasons.

  • Poor support
  • Misunderstanding
  • Unwilling to learn
  • Unwilling to invest
  • Unwilling to work



Kleeneze is a very simple home-shopping business. It is a well-known brand, and has been running successfully since 1923.

How does it work?

  • You deliver catalogues to houses near where you live.
  • You collect them a couple of days later.
  • You deliver the orders to the customer.
  • You show other people how to do the same.


At a time when the UK has huge unemployment, there is a recession, and many companies are laying even more staff off, you would think such a simple business would attract lots of people who would then go on to make a good living, and for those willing to work hard and persevere, they can earn a fortune.

Many people do, and become successful Kleeneze Distributors, but even more don’t. They fail before they even get started.


Why is that?

Here are the top 5 reasons, and further explanations behind each one…

Poor Support

Kleeneze is a Network Marketing business. This means that each new Kleeneze distributor is sponsored by an existing Kleeneze distributor. That distributor is their sponsor.

The sponsor provides

  • support,
  • education,
  • knowledge,
  • experience,
  • motivation

In short, everything the new distributor needs to build his new Kleeneze business.

A Great Sponsor is a Leader, an Inspiration, a Teacher, a Coach, and a friend.

A Poor Sponsor doesn’t care, isn’t there, and leads to the new Kleeneze distributor feeling confused and unwanted. As soon as they hit the first obstacle they quit.

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The hardest work for a new Kleeneze Distributor is at the beginning. You start off with a bunch of catalogues, and no customers. So you have to find some good, reliable customers.

You do that by delivering your catalogues around your area. Some people will order from you. Many won’t. You continue delivering to new houses. Then after a month, you go back to delivering to the houses you started from. You deliver a catalogue to each house, once per month.

By doing this, you are showing your new customers that you are reliable, efficient, and that you are here to stay. Some customers will order from you the first time you deliver a catalogue to them, some the second, some not until the fourth or fifth time. For many different reasons – they are busy, don’t have the money, were on holiday, who knows?

But after 6 months, you have given every house 6 opportunities to buy from you. You now stop delivering to all the people that never bought from you, and just deliver to your regular customers.

So in your first month, you are working harder than what you get paid for.

By the sixth month you are a lot more efficient, getting many more orders, and earning much more money.


You can continue delivering to new houses, finding more and more customers, for as long as you want – all the time building a base of loyal customers that will order from you again and again.

BUT – many new Kleeneze Distributors don’t understand this. They work for a month, and think it is going to be like that forever. So they quit.

This misunderstanding could be due to a poor sponsor. Or it could be that the new Kleeneze distributor is unwilling to learn…


Unwilling to Learn

Because Kleeneze is simple, many distributors think that once they learn how to put a catalogue through a letterbox (Learning time 5 seconds), How to place their first order (Learning time 5 minutes), then they have finished their Kleeneze education.

However, by far the biggest benefit of education is learning about yourself:

  • How you deal with problems
  • How you motivate yourself
  • Goal-Setting
  • Dealing with procrastination
  • Dealing with rejection

Personal Development can lead to HUGE growth in your business, and in your own self-confidence and personal skills, but most new distributors don’t see the reason for doing this, so they don’t.

With Kleeneze you can attend local meetings, workshops, regional seminars, National Showcases – ALL aimed at providing you with a high quality, specific education.

Again – a good sponsor will explain the benefits of this, but if the distributor is not interested, then they will remain uneducated, and will often quit at the first hurdle.

Here are some examples of our training seminars and conferences.


Unwilling to Invest

Kleeneze is not a job, it is a business.

Distributors are not employees, they are self-employed entrepreneurs.

A successful Kleeneze distributor will invest some of his profits back into his business:

  • Buying more catalogues if they want to expand their business
  • Buying business cards to give to prospects
  • Buy self-development books and cds for their own education

However, many new Kleeneze distributors join and see it as a job, and don’t understand why they have to pay for things which are part of the job.

If you want the benefits of being self-employed (flexible hours, no boss, no targets) then you must also be willing to pay some of the costs.

Some Kleeneze distributors are unwilling to invest any of their profits, they simply pay themselves 100% of the profits as their own income. As a result, their business fails to grow, and they quit.

Can you imagine a taxi-driver not investing in petrol, or regular servicing for his cab?

Can you imagine a plumber not investing in good quality tools?



Unwilling to Work

And finally, unfortunately, inevitably, some people are unwilling to work. They become a Kleeenze Distributor, and they want the benefits of having the money and the lifestyle that can provide, but they are unwilling to put in the effort that will deliver it. As a result they earn very little money, and they quit.


So what?

So if you have read these 5 reasons why people fail at Kleeneze, and you know that you would not make these mistakes, then I would love to hear from you.

You have the potential to be the next Kleeneze Millionaire.

Grab yourself a FREE Kleeneze Information pack, and give me a call.


Best wishes


Chris Smith

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze Distributor