Who said you had to wait until you were 65 before you can retire?

Retirement. I hate that word. old people

I don’t know about you but it conjures up pictures of wrinkly old people with no money, and nothing to do but walk to the shops to buy a newspaper once a day. Is that what you want to look forward to?

Not me.

When I retire, I want to be young enough to enjoy it. I want to have money to do all of the things that I enjoy doing – travelling; driving nice cars; eating in nice restaurants whenever I want to.

and another thing – I don’t want to wait until I’m 65!

Early Retirement! Now that sounds better.

Or semi-retired – still working if I enjoy it, but just a few days a week or just a few hours a day, and being able to choose whether I do it or not. It sounds better all of the time.


So if early retirement or semi retirement sounds better to you, how can you achieve that?

Well it is simpler than you would think, and it is available to everyone. and the sooner you start work on it, the sooner you can retire. Who said you had to wait until you were 65?

Kleeneze residual income

Kleeneze Distributors earn money in 2 ways. Click here to see How Kleeneze Works. But the important part is the team building part.

If you earn some extra money by simply delivering and collecting catalogues in your area, and if you show some other people how to do the same, you have already started to build a team. And the bigger the team, the more you earn.

Now the beauty of that is that Kleeneze pay you a bonus for the sales of your team members. and if those team members decide to start building their business, and they start to build a team, then you earn money on their sales too.

This is residual income, which Kleeneze will pay you regardless of whether you put your own catalogues out or not. So you can retire or semi-retire whenever you want to – Age 25, 35, 45, or 55 or whenever you want. Just put in the hard work growing a team, and showing your team members how to do the same.


Interested in finding out more? Just click here for a Free Kleeneze Information Pack.

Best wishes

chris smith kleeneze distributor


Chris Smith