Would you choose the BMW or the briefcase?

September 2013 is a month that Richard and Claire Chantler won’t forget.

Richard and Claire are Kleeneze distributors. They work hard at their business, delivering regularly to their customers, and showing their team of Kleeneze distributors how to do the same.

At the Kleeneze Showcase in September 2013 at the Birmingham NIA, they were rewarded for their efforts. As a result of growing their business throughout the previous 12 months, they had qualified for a prize.

They had a choice – a BMW, or a briefcase. But not just any briefcase. This briefcase had £25,000 in it.

Which one would you choose?

They had a good look at the brand new BMW… Kleeneze BMW

… and then they opened the briefcase…


…… and they decided to keep the money!

Kleeneze is an amazing business, where you have HUGE opportunities to make decisions like Richard and Claire.

You might start off just wanting a little extra, but end up with much, much, more.

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Bye for now

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze Distributor


Chris Smith