Satisified Kleeneze Customers

Here are some thoughts and comments from our wonderful Kleeneze Customers…

Kleeneze Customer

“Thanks for your help through the year” Lily Read, Ringwood


“Thank you for your care and courtesy over the past year” Fay and Ted Caroll, Ringwood


“Thank you for brilliant service throughout the year” Isabel Macintyre, Ringwood


“Just to let you know, the Furniture Restorer is excellent. Does what it says on the tin” Norman, Ferndown


“Dear Chris & Sarah, I have been very pleased with the way you run your business. You never seem to worry if I don’t need anything, and are prompt and efficient with any orders I do place. Just calling me before you bring the order round helps, so that neither of us are inconvenienced. I’m sure that you must be very valued by Kleeneze. Many thanks for all your efficient service” Jean Moore, St Ives


“Since moving to this area just over two years ago you have provided me with an excellent service, far and away better than I had at my previous address, and CONSTANT, which is important to me.

You have sourced items for me which did not appear in the current catalogue and, when finding that another item was no longer available you were straight on the telephone to let me know.  What more could I ask for?  You cannot improve on an already perfect service.

Of course, the quality of the Kleeneze products speaks for itself but with the added bonus of a ‘quality’ distributor any rivals pale into insignificance. As you say, this is your business, and that without your customers you wouldn’t have one, but how many other business owners would go that extra mile to ensure that  their customers are happy?  It is your loyalty to ME which earns my loyalty to YOU” Sylvie Jenkyn, Burley


“Chris offers an excellent service to me for the Kleeneze products. Catalogues are delivered regularly and are promptly picked up when indicated.

I am also kept informed all the time if a product is sold out or if I need something outside of the regular catalogue delivery. Chris also keeps me informed

by telephone when he is coming round to deliver products I have ordered which is appreciated. Thank you Chris.” Kaye Osborne, Ringwood


“Chris, Thank you for the latest catalogue, especially the one with the garden items.  I am very grateful for the prompt and helpful service I always receive.  It is always so helpful to get orders delivered so quickly. Many thanks” Pat Woodcock, St Ives.


“Hi Chris, Just writing to thank you for your excellent service and friendly manner. I look forward to ordering from you for many years to come. Regards”  Helena Day, St Ives.


“Hello Chris. To be honest I can not fault your service. Alway polite, smiling and happy to chat. The goods we have ordered have always arrived in a good time frame and are of good quality And best of all you always keep us updated whether it is about goods ordered or in your news letters. Great service Chris. Thank you” Jon, Heather, and Amber, Ringwood.


“Hi there. Well you asked me to give my views on your business, all I need to say is that you and your wife run your business very very well. I have had no problems with any orders and your deliveries are great even when at times I am not available you seem to be able to fit around me. The email and weekly update works well as if needed I can check and make orders as and when. I hope that both you and your wife will keep going as long as possible. Regards”  Sheila and Den, Ringwood


“Hi Chris, I would just like to say what an excellent service you and Sarah give to your grateful customers.  You are always so efficient and obliging.  I like the way you always phone before delivering goods, thus it saves you time if we are not in, and we can have the money ready! To say nothing of your lovely Easter cards and egg, also Christmas cards and chocolate.  Brilliant service – quite rare these days. Best wishes” Marilyn Knibbs, Ringwood


“Hi Chris, I have always been more than happy with your Kleeneze service and wouldn’t want to change a thing. I sometimes feel bad that, as the catalogue generally arrives later in the week, I do not have time to properly read it over the weekend before I have to hand it back. You provide a lovely personal touch to the service and I probably wouldn’t order anything if new people take over. Keep up the good work! Regards” Alison Blake, Ringwood


“Hi Chris, Your customer service skills are brilliant. I cannot find fault, it is a pleasure dealing with you. Thank you.  Kind regards” Sue Reeve, Ringwood

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Join our winning team


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