Southern Millionaire’s College – December 2012

Review of the Kleeneze Southern Millionaire’s training conference

held at Bracknell, on December 2nd 2012.


As always, the BIDS shop had loads of training goodies for sale, and was busy all day…

Kleeneze Millionaires College


Most people come for the inspiration and information, but some just come for a chat and a laugh…. Craig and Punit…

Kleeneze Millionaire's College


Sharon Finigan

Kleeneze Southern Millionaires

So, on with the training. It started with Sharon Finigan who gave a Gold testimonial,  explaining how she started Kleeneze on her own, wanting to earn enough to pay the mortgage. She didn’t really want to do it, but it was an easy way to earn extra money, fitting around her busy life of job, horses, dogs etc.

With support for her sponsor she built her income up to £600 a month, which she was happy with until she was made redundant. The beauty for her was that redundancy was not scary anymore, as she had Kleeneze to fall back on.

When the Kleeneze conference in Dubai was announced, she really wanted to go for that, so she increased her effort, pestered her sponsor for help, and has now achieved Gold distributor level, is on track for qualifying for Dubai, and is earning around £2500 a month.


John Hawkes


Kleeneze Southern Millionaires


John Hawkes has been in Kleeneze for almost 20 years, and his training was on how to build a team using the Assets you already have. They’re free. Make a list…

  • I can…
  • I have…
  • I will…

Using your commitment, Persistence, Patience, understanding, etc… you can build a huge and successful team, as John has done.

Also, John said that although this business is built around duplicating your successful upline, you don’t have to be exactly like everyone else. Be Like You.


Gavin Scott

Kleeneze Southern millionaire's

Gavin Scott gave some awards for the top performances in the last couple of months. Top sponsors, top Sales Groups, Top Personal retailers.

It was interesting to note the the top 2 retailers from last month live within a few hundred yards of each other. Many people don’t join Kleeneze because they think there is already someone doing it in their area, but that shows that it doesn’t matter. It is down to who you are, not where you are.


Miami Vice

Steve Roper and some of his team members Matt Elliot, Justin Rowe, and Tracy Bell, explained what a fantastic time everyone had at the Miami Conference, from driving the Muscle Cars, the fantastic meals, the cruise around the Bay, and watching the Miami Dolphins.

They explained what you need to do to qualify for the next conference in Dubai.


Mike Bibby

Kleeneze Southern Millionaire's

Mike Bibby gave his Major Business Tips…

Get the Flow Going. if you really get into the business, and do something every day, the momentum will drive you to success.

Mike recommended studying Jim Rohn.

Mike also said that your Kleeneze business will be an emotional RollerCoaster, but if you work hard on your business, then the peaks occur more frequently. But remember – work hard on your business, but it is not hard work. Collecting and Delivering Catalogues and showing others how to do the same. How hard is that?

Using the Fast Forward system that we all follow is easy – you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Most people love that you can make money with no selling – just delivering catalogues. HOWEVER – although the activity is easy (delivering catalogues, collecting catalogues, delivering orders) – you have to have the discipline to do it every day.


Chris Mason-Paull

Kleeneze Southern Millionaires

…and finally Chris Mason-Paull, Kleeneze’s first Millionaire, gave his hints and tips for a successful business.

Firstly, Chris said, have the right mindset from Day One. When you first start, you don’t know what you should be thinking about, but you can do these things…

  1. Don’t Quit
  2. Don’t get sidetracked
  3. Don’t reinvent the wheel
  4. Focus on the right things
  5. View Long-Term not Short-Term

In the Network Marketing Industry, Kleeneze has a Unique Selling Point – you can earn immediate income from the catalogues. However, that can sidetrack you. Your real goal should be the residual income.

Chris highlighted that 90% of people already have a residual income:

  • interest from savings, or
  • a pension

However, both of these require a large sum of money saved up:

Compare that with Kleeneze: If you can find 3 or 4 people to join, and take the business seriously, you could be earning as much residual income as having £48,000 in savings. Which is most likely?

Chris showed a graph of the flat income from doing just retail. compared to the exponential income earned from building a team.

He explained how you build a team doing 10% building blocks:

  • Get yourself to a 10% bonus (basically deliver 200 catalogues a week, every week)
  • Show others how to do the same.

He suggested you use the income from your retail to fund your team building activity, and when prioritising your time – do sponsoring activity first, then fit retailing around that.


A great day of training from top distributors across the business.

Thanks everyone.