Southern Millionaire’s College – February 2013

Review of the Kleeneze Southern Millionaire’s training conference

held at Bracknell, on February 24th, 2013

Here’s a review of the speakers at this Millionaire’s College. This was one of the best conferences I can remember for a long time…
Kleeneze audience 1
As the audience builds, we prepared for our first speaker…

John Hawkes

John Hawkes 2
The title of John Hawkes’ talk was “Collecting Antiques”.
John suggested we aim to recruit retired people into our teams. Although they may not have the same “get up and go” of younger recruits, they more than make up for that with their reliability. They may just need an extra £50 a week to boost their pension.
They are more likely to do fewer catalogues every day, rather than a lot of catalogues once or twice a week.

Nadine Ward

Nadine Ward 2

Nadine Ward talked about EzeParty, recommended that we visit for all of the tools and training we will need.
She talked about the different skills we needed
  • Booking and Selling
  • Sponsoring
  • Promoting
Nadine also gave some great little tips – for example, what does your voicemail message sound like? It should be enthusiastic and thanking the caller for their call, that you value it, and that you’ll call them back as soon as you can.
Nadine gave us a great quote: “Life is a dance between desire and fear”

Jay Singh

Jay Singh
Jay Singh talked to us about “Fishing”
Specifically he covered the basics of Lead generation, Starting with your warm list.
Jay also give some great hints – putting sticky labels on all of your outgoing mail, Asking your customers if they know anybody who would need an extreme income, talking to everyone you pay – for a coffee, petrol, supermarket shopping etc,

Gill NicholsonGill Nicholson

Gill Nicholson gave a great talk about her journey through Kleeneze. Her father had been in Kleeneze in the 1960s, and Gill had helped him delivering products to customers.
Gill was one of the first distributors to join Kleeneze when it became a Network Marketing company, and it has allowed her to travel the world. She explained about her travels around Australia and USA.
Gill gave some great advice on what you call yourself – she describes herself as a Life Coach, who shows people how to get from Where they are to Where they want to be.
She recommended you really focus on your activities. Have a Daily Plan, a Weekly Plan, and a Monthly Plan.

She suggested you have a competition with your team, to see where are the most imaginative places you can place your business cards.

Dave Pemberton-Smith

 Dave Pemberton-smith
Dave Pemberton Smith told us his story. He started off with the approach of “I’ll work really hard to prove that Kleeneze doesn’t work” and he found out that it did!
One of his favourite quotes is “Failure isn’t failure unless you quit”
A few years ago he had some personal issues, and took some time out of the business, but he explained how Kleeneze had paid him every 4 weeks, without fail. What employer would do that?


On top of all of the speakers, there were lots of awards for people moving up the pay plan…..
chris and sarah with john and bob
…including Sarah and myself being congratulated by Bob Webb and John Hawkes for winning the Kleeneze Distributor Challenge Trophy 2012.
If you would like to find out more about becoming a Kleeneze Distributor, enter your details here for a Free Kleeneze Information Pack.
Best Wishes
Chris Smith