Sue Marshall and Bob Dalton

Sue Marshall and Bob Dalton

Our Story

Bob started his Kleeneze Business in October 1995, after a 3 year period of being out of work due to a degenerating spine following many years of driving 1,000’s of miles as an executive chauffer…

Sue started Kleeneze in April 1999, as a single mum with 2 girls holding down 3 other part time jobs… Sue wanted a job that was flexible and allowed her to be at home for the girls… whilst giving them a good lifestyle…

Here are their first Kleeneze 4 wkly pay cheques:

In just over 4 years Sue built her Kleeneze Business to the Silver Executive Level (3 front line Gold Distributorships) and was earning just under £3,000 every 4 weeks… working part time…

In 2003 they joined their Kleeneze businesses together and have been working the business together ever since…
They now have a large business with a team of Independent Distributors across the UK and Ireland. In 2011 they earned over £93,000… with many of their team earning substantial incomes.
Sue’s youngest daughter Georgie and her husband Will also started their own Kleeneze Business in 2008 and they are Senior Distributors currently earning £1,500 – £1,700 every 4 weeks…

“We had no idea that this business would grow as it has; it really has been an incredible journey. We have had the most terrific holidays Abroad and have had the time and income to do as we please. Along the way we have worked with and helped some wonderful people to build their businesses. We have made many friends through our business and social events within the Kleeneze programme.

Kleeneze has given us the opportunity to now have the lifestyle that we choose… Due to Bobs deteriorating health we no longer holiday abroad and we both thought we would really miss our abroad holidays. However we bought a Caravan in 2008 and now after buying our 4th caravan we choose to travel the UK for up to 2 weeks every month in our 25ft luxurious Caravan, fully kitted out with every home comfort imaginable including a functional office which means we can still build our Business and support our team wherever we are… whilst enjoying the various locations we visit… thus having a semi-retirement…”


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