Southern Millionaire’s College – Oct 2012

The Kleeneze Southern Millionaire’s College in October 2012 was held at the Blue Mountain Golf Club, near Bracknell.

Personal Development at Kleeneze Millionaires College


In addition to the fantastic speakers, we always have a book stall with loads of Kleeneze and Personal Development resources available…






Audience at Kleeneze millionaire's college

Here is a summary of the speakers, playing to a packed out room again…

Jenny Roberts

Jenny Roberts at Kleeneze Millionaire's College

Jenny presented a snapshot of her Kleeneze journey so far. She started the business originally with her 18-year old daughter. After a while her daughter gave up, so jenny continued with her husband Stephen. It was earning them a nice second income, as they did Kleeneze alongside their full time jobs.


However, after a while Jenny’s job started to go downhill. she found it very stressful, she started being bullied, and decided she didn’t need that any more, so she sacked her boss.


Jenny is now a GOLD distributor earning £1500 each month from her kleeneze business.


SED Panel

Q and A at the Kleeneze millionaire's College

A panel of successful senior distributors took to the floor, answering questions from the audience, giving us the benefit of their years of experience buolding up successful Kleeneze businesses….

  • Debbie Gee
  • Steve Roper
  • Gavin Scott
  • John Hawkes




Craig Hawkes

Kleeneze training by Criag HawkesCraig explained the huge benefits of investing some of your earnings back into the business.

As you deliver catalogues, and receive orders, and earn commission, you will lose catalogues. If you don’t invest some of your earnings in new catalogues, your earnings drop as you have fewer catalogues. INvesting in more catalogues leads to higher earnings.

Craig also explained the value in investinhg time and money in new team members, and the importance in investing in yourself – your own personal development.


Gavin Scott

Kleeneze training by Gavin ScottGavin expressed his view that the recent introduction of Direct Dispatch, where customer can order things online, and get the delivered directly to them anywhere in the country, was the start of a huge opportunity for Kleeneze distributors, and the business as a whole.

He suggested posting YouTube videos of product demonstrations. using Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook to reach an audience that don’t currently receive a catalogue from you.



Tony Briffa

Kleeneze training by Tony BriffaTony Briffa has built a huge business simply by talking to people about the business. he talks to his warm list – people that he already knows, and he talks to people he meets while he is out and about…


He gave simple examples showing he he approached people, what he said, what information he sent them, and explained how you could easily do that 5 – 10 times a day, and build a huge list of people who might know someone who might be interested in joining Kleeneze.


Neil Young

Kleeneze training by Neil YoungNeil explained a little about his background before he joined Kleeneze – a successful career in Insurance, but £100k in Debt.

Neil is now earning over £6000 a month in his Kleeneze business, and he stressed to everyone that Success in kleeneze is not a matter of chance, it is something you plan for by implementing a proven strategy. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking “I’ll get there sometime”.

He explained how he discussed the needds of new prospects, and then suggested the best starter pack for them. in most cases, the Business Builder 250 kit was the best option.

Neil also explained the value of the weekly webinars he has introduced for his team – recreating the sizzle of enthusiasm, recognising the successes of team members.