Supporting your new Kleeneze Team Members

Supporting your new Kleeneze Team Members – Training Video 5 of 8

Supporting new Kleeneze team members

Supporting your new Kleeneze Team Members

When you start to build a team of Kleeneze Distributors, there are many things that you can do to ensure they get the best possible start to their Kleeneze journey.

This recorded webinar (see below to watch it), explains the most important things that you should do.

It covers…

  • Understanding the numbers
  • The first 7 days
  • Anticipate early problems
  • Help them keep track
  • Their first meeting
  • Keeping a new starter checklist

Understanding the numbers

It is important to understand that not everyone who joins your Kleeneze team will be successful. What can you do to make sure you do everything you can to help them?

The first 7 days

How often should you call a new Kleeneze team member in their first week?

Anticipate early problems

Kleeneze is a very simple business, but if you anticipate the things that can go wrong, you can make a new starter aware of it, so they find it prepare for it before it happens.

For example – They will lose some catalogues. Explain how they can replace them with the 30 day Bonus.

Help them keep track

How much do they want to earn? Make sure they know how often to put their catalogues out to earn that much.

Their first meeting

The local Kleeneze meetings are great way to become part of the buzz and excitement of your Kleeneze team.

Keeping a new starter checklist

Keep a list of all of the different things you want to explain and do with your new team member, then you don’t need to try to remember everything everytime.


As a Kleeneze Business Coach I help, support, train, and coach my team. Every week I run a training webinar, called “Crucial Information Webinars”, which are open to all Kleeneze distributors across the whole Kleeneze business.

There are 8 different training webinars. I record each one, and you are welcome to join us live (every Wednesday evening at 8pm) or watch them from this website or YouTube if you cannot make the live webinars.

If you would like to join one of the live webinars, just send me an email to, and I’ll send you the information about the next one.

Or just watch the recordings of the most recent webinars on the pages of this website.

I aim to provide the best possible support for my Kleeneze team, so that they can put their efforts into growing their income and improving their lifestyle, knowing everything they need to know about Kleeneze, and knowing that they can contact me at any time if they have any questions or want advice on what to do next.

What next?

If you are currently a Kleeneze Distributor and this was useful for you, please share it with your team and colleagues.

If you are not a Kleeneze distributor, but would like to find out more about Kleeneze or about becoming a Catalogue distributor or Team Leader, then simply click on this link to get a Free Kleeneze information Pack.

Then if you do become a Kleeneze Distributor, you will have a great start with this training.

Best wishes

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze DistributorChris Smith

Independent Kleeneze Distributor