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Kleeneze Catalogues – how do they work?

Thanks to Kleeneze’s Tim Pace for this analogy that perfectly describes the catalogue side of the Kleeneze business

Kleeneze Catalogues - your tools of the trade

Kleeneze Catalogues – your tools of the trade

If you are self-employed as a tradesman and you go on holiday you are not usually paid.

Imagine how amazing it would be if you could drop off the tools at a few jobs and they magically came alive to do the job for you.

Then all you need do when you return is drive around, pick up the tools, and collect the money!


Kleeneze Catalogues

That is the way Kleeneze catalogues work. You drop them off to houses in your area; Then you go on holiday, then collect them with orders on your return… magical.

Now you can take short holidays – just a day or two – while your catalogues are out. This is best when you are just starting out – as your customers may forget about them if you’re away for too long.

Once you have a good base of regular customers that you deliver your Kleeneze Catalogues too each month, then you can do “long drops”, where you can go away for a week or more, and when you come back, your catalogues will be waiting for you to collect on the day you requested, with lots of orders – I do this a couple of times a year when I go away, and it works every time!

The Kleeneze Catalogues are your tools of the trade. If you look after them, they will serve you well, like a plumber’s wrench or a carpenter’s saw.

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Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze DistributorChris Smith

Independent Kleeneze Distributor