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Online Selling with Kleeneze and Facebook

Introduction to Kleeneze

Introduction to Kleeneze


Everyone knows Kleeneze.

Well, lots of people do. It has been a well known British Brand since 1923. Originally, salesman knocked door to door to sell brushes and cleaners which they carried in a case.

More recently, distributors delivered Catalogues to houses in their area, and customers placed orders with the distributors.

But now there’s a new kid on the block! Or rather, another way that anyone can earn money as a Kleeneze Distributor: The F-word.

Kleeneze and Facebook

Selling Kleeneze Products on FaceBook


Since the end of 2014, distributors have been advertising products from the catalogues on local buying and selling groups on Facebook. Customers come round and collect the goods, and pay the distributor then. This has opened up a brand new market for the Kleeneze Distributor.

The Catalogue side of the business is continuing to grow – new catalogues with a whole new range of products have seen an increase in earnings, and if you have 10-15 hours a week free, and you’d like to earn a little extra, that could be perfect for you. Catalogues appeal to an older generation of customer – they may be retired, have lots of time, and love browsing through the catalogue with a cup of tea. The personal service when you deliver their goods to their door is what keeps them loyal to you for year after year.

But on top of that, a whole new range of customers have been seeing the products on their Facebook buying and selling groups. Products with a money-back guarantee, and a local distributor so they don’t have to worry about sending things back in the post if they are not happy. These customers use Facebook a lot to communicate with friends and family, and they can easily browse an online shop while they have five minutes waiting to collect their children from school etc.

Alongside both of these methods of earning commission from your own sales, there is still the opportunity to grow a much bigger residual income as a Kleeneze Team Leader.

This online selling has also opened up the team building side of the business. If you are recruiting people to be Kleeneze distributors, sometimes you will talk to someone and explain how it works, and how much they can earn, but if they are not willing to deliver catalogues in the area, then they might decide it is not for them. However, maybe they would be happy to spend a couple of hours on Facebook promoting their products via their online shop, then they can build a nice part time income from the comfort of their own home.

Most existing distributors agree that doing both is best, as you get orders from your catalogues, AND online, but you can certainly make a start on one, and then introduce the other.


So if you would be interested in earning some extra money, either as a catalogue distributor, or as an online Kleeneze Marketer, then you can click here to get a Free Kleeneze Information pack.

If you have any questions, or you’d like to join us, contact me now.

Best wishes

Be part of our winning team

Be part of our winning team

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