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Online Selling with Kleeneze and Facebook

Introduction to Kleeneze

Introduction to Kleeneze


Everyone knows Kleeneze.

Well, lots of people do. It has been a well known British Brand since 1923. Originally, salesman knocked door to door to sell brushes and cleaners which they carried in a case.

More recently, distributors delivered Catalogues to houses in their area, and customers placed orders with the distributors.

But now there’s a new kid on the block! Or rather, another way that anyone can earn money as a Kleeneze Distributor: The F-word.

Kleeneze and Facebook

Selling Kleeneze Products on FaceBook


Since the end of 2014, distributors have been advertising products from the catalogues on local buying and selling groups on Facebook. Customers come round and collect the goods, and pay the distributor then. This has opened up a brand new market for the Kleeneze Distributor.

The Catalogue side of the business is continuing to grow – new catalogues with a whole new range of products have seen an increase in earnings, and if you have 10-15 hours a week free, and you’d like to earn a little extra, that could be perfect for you. Catalogues appeal to an older generation of customer – they may be retired, have lots of time, and love browsing through the catalogue with a cup of tea. The personal service when you deliver their goods to their door is what keeps them loyal to you for year after year.

But on top of that, a whole new range of customers have been seeing the products on their Facebook buying and selling groups. Products with a money-back guarantee, and a local distributor so they don’t have to worry about sending things back in the post if they are not happy. These customers use Facebook a lot to communicate with friends and family, and they can easily browse an online shop while they have five minutes waiting to collect their children from school etc.

Alongside both of these methods of earning commission from your own sales, there is still the opportunity to grow a much bigger residual income as a Kleeneze Team Leader.

This online selling has also opened up the team building side of the business. If you are recruiting people to be Kleeneze distributors, sometimes you will talk to someone and explain how it works, and how much they can earn, but if they are not willing to deliver catalogues in the area, then they might decide it is not for them. However, maybe they would be happy to spend a couple of hours on Facebook promoting their products via their online shop, then they can build a nice part time income from the comfort of their own home.

Most existing distributors agree that doing both is best, as you get orders from your catalogues, AND online, but you can certainly make a start on one, and then introduce the other.


So if you would be interested in earning some extra money, either as a catalogue distributor, or as an online Kleeneze Marketer, then you can click here to get a Free Kleeneze Information pack.

If you have any questions, or you’d like to join us, contact me now.

Best wishes

Be part of our winning team

Be part of our winning team

Chris & Sarah Smith

Independent Kleeneze Distributors

  • email: c.p.smith@hotmail.co.uk
  • info pack: Click here
  • phone: 01425 470558 or 07956 327327

Kleeneze Catalogues: How to earn money with them

Kleeneze catalogue

Can you earn money as a Kleeneze Distributor?

I am sure you’ve seen a Kleeneze Catalogue.

Distributors have been delivering Kleeneze catalogues to homes around the UK and Ireland for over 25 years. So if you haven’t received one, your mum probably has.

Have you ever wondered if YOU could earn money as a Kleeneze Distributor?

Well this article should help you to answer that question.



In a way, there are two questions to answer.

1) Can someone earn money delivering Kleeneze catalogues?

2) Can YOU earn money delivering Kleeneze catalogues?

I have deliberately split the question into two, as there could be two different answers.

Can someone earn money delivering Kleeneze catalogues?

Of course. Being a Kleeneze distributor is very simple. If you can copy a postman, you can become a Kleeneze Distributor. If you can show someone how to copy a postman, you can become a Team leader. It really is very simple, but I will expand on that in a moment…

Can YOU earn money delivering Kleeneze catalogues?

Now here is the thing. Many thousands of people earn good money as Kleeneze Distributors, but that doesn’t mean that YOU will.

Why? Well being a Kleeneze Distributor is simple, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. You have to be willing to work. You have to understand that not everyone will order from you. The more catalogues you deliver, the more people you find who will order from you. After a while, you stop delivering to people that don’t order from you, and you only deliver to your regular customers.

This is called having a Customer Base, and it can take you three to six months to get to that point.

If you quit during the first 3 – 6 months, you will miss out on the huge benefits of a customer base.

So in order for YOU to earn money delivering Kleeneze catalogues you need to…

  • Follow our easy system.
  • Commit at least 10-12 hours per week.
  • Speak to your sponsor regularly.
  • Attend the training (local meetings, online webinars etc)
  • Don’t give up because you had a bad day. The most successful distributors have had hundreds of bad days, but they have also had THOUSANDS of very good days.

It’s pretty simple really.

Your Customer Base

The people who are earning good money delivering Kleeneze catalogues are those that saw the bigger picture, attended the training, persevered through the good days and bad days, and continued delivering their Kleeneze catalogues until they had a good base of regular customers.

There is no fixed point when this happens. You could be happy delivering to 200 customers once per month, which takes you 5-10 hours a week.

Or If you want more, then this could be 500 – 1000 customers that take you 15-20 hours a week.

Team Leaders

So far, I have only talked about delivering Kleeneze catalogues. If you think you could show someone how to deliver a Kleeneze catalogue, then you can become a Team Leader, and that opens up a whole new world of increased earnings and residual income.

How do you earn money delivering Kleeneze catalogues?

You deliver Kleeneze catalogues to houses around your area. Your customers put them out on their doorsteps a couple of days later so you can collect them. You earn 15% – 21% commission on all of your orders. If you commit at least 10-15 hours a week, you can earn a good part time income.

It really is very simple. For more info, tale a look at the Kleeneze Business Model – How Does Kleeneze Work?

If you would like more information, click here for a FREE Kleeneze Information pack. 

Best wishes

Be part of our winning team

Be part of our winning team

Chris and Sarah Smith

Independent Kleeneze Distributors

UPDATED: How much does it cost to join Kleeneze?

How much does it cost to join Kleeneze? (UPDATED)

Kleeneze: Frequently Asked Questions

Kleeneze: Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most common questions I am asked by people who are looking at Kleeneze as a way to earn some extra money is:

  • “How much does it cost to join Kleeneze?” or something similar…
  • “Are there any start up costs?”
  • “Is there an initial investment?”
  • “What are the upfront fees?”

 So I’ll answer that question in this video…

Or if you prefer, you can read about the Kleeneze costs here….

There are several different options, depending on how many catalogues you want to get started with, but you can get started for just £25.

If you want a bigger kit with 250 catalogues, you can get started for £99.

* These are the current prices (June 2017), but they may change in future, so please check with your sponsor first.  

The Kleeneze starter kit

So what do you get in the Kleeneze starter kit?

You get pretty much everything you need to start and grow your very own successful Kleeneze Business. Just add enthusiasm and a good work ethic and you’ll be flying…

The Kleeneze Starter Pack, consists of:

  • Your catalogues, with all of the plastic bags and order forms.
  • Your own online shop (visit my Kleeneze online shop to see an example)
  • A personalised stationery pack
  • A shoulder bag
  • Business manual and documentation
  • Great Sponsoring tools – Opportunity DVDs and the Go Pro training book
  • PLUS:
  • access to our weekly training webinars
  • one to one help and support to ensure you get whatever you want out of Kleeneze.
  • a 30-Day Bonus to win MORE catalogues.
  • Your own Team Building website (visit mine to see an example)

….Everything you need to get started as a Kleeneze Distributor

I hope this helps.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Kleeneze distributor and working with me, just click on this link and enter your details for a FREE Kleeneze info Pack.

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze Distributor

Chris Smith

Independant Kleeneze Distributor

The Top 5 Kleeneze Problems faced by New Distributors

Kleeneze Catalogue Deliverers and Team LeadersIf you are considering becoming a Kleeneze Distributor, or if you have just become a Kleeneze Distributor, then you probably worry that there will be some Kleeneze Problems you will come across.

Kleeneze has been in it’s current form for 25 years. It is a very simple business – you deliver catalogues to houses in your area, you collect them back in. You deliver the goods back to the customer who ordered from you. If you want to increase your income you can become a Team Leader by showing other people how to do the same as you. Simple.

…and because it is simple, most of the Kleeneze problems that can occur, have already occured, so we can tell you about them, and how to deal with them.

Top 5 Kleeneze Problems

Top 5 Kleeneze Problems

Top 5 Kleeneze Problems

The Top 5 Kleeneze problems new distributors think they will face are…

  1. You lose catalogues
  2. The support from your sponsor is poor
  3. It rains
  4. It takes time
  5. It is hard work


Kleeneze Problems: Number 1 – You lose catalogues

Kleeneze starter packAs a Kleeneze Distributor, when you first start, you deliver as many catalogues as you can to the houses in your area. Then you collect them back a day or two later, and deliver them to new houses etc.

Unfortunately, some of the houses that you deliver to may be empty, so you will lose those catalogues. …and some of them will have dogs in that chew everything that comes through the letterbox. …and some of them will have children who like to drawn on magazines. …and some of them will have grumpy people in who throw the catalogue away.

So you do lose some catalogues – and as they are your main tool to earn money – that is not good.

HOWEVER – Kleeneze help you with this. In your first 30 Days, as you place orders, you receive Free catalogues, to help replace those that you have lost.

At the end of your first 30 Days, many new Kleeneze distributors end up with more catalogues than they started with.

Kleeneze Problem 1 solved. 

Kleeneze Problems: Number 2 – The support from my sponsor will be poor.

confusedKleeneze operates as a Network Marketing business. This means that the person who sponsors you into the business is your sponsor. They are responsible for helping you, guiding you, coaching you, teaching you, and basically helping you get whatever you want out of Kleeneze.

But what if they are not very experienced themselves? Or what if you just don’t get on with them?

Don’t Panic! There is a solution.

If you are not yet a Kleeneze Distributor, you can choose who you would like to have as your sponsor. Do your research. If you are reading this then you already are. Well done. You will find there are lots of Kleeneze Distributors who write blogs like this, or record training videos on YouTube. Find a one who you think you would get on with, and ask them for an information pack. This will give you a chance to speak to them and decide if you would like them to be your sponsor. If you don’t really click with them, try someone else. There are many great Team Leaders out there, and if you speak to a few, you will find one who is just right for you.

But what if you have already signed up with someone, and then find that you are not getting the support you want?

There’s a solution to this too. It is called your upline.

Your sponsor will, themselves, have been sponsored into the business by someone. That person is in your upline, and will also help you. So have a chat with them. Still no good? Then go another level up – that person will also have a sponsor who is also in your upline. Keep going until you find someone you get on well with.

Kleeneze Problem 2 solved. 

Kleeneze Problems: Number 3 – It rains

it rainsOK, now this won’t be news to you if you live in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, or Ireland, but it sometimes rains.

How does this affect your business? Well actually it depends on you, and your attitude. I am a great believer in the phrase “There is no such thing as Bad Weather, just the Wrong Clothes”.

Now I agree that it is much more enjoyable going out on a beautiful sunny day to collect your catalogues, than going out in the pouring rain, but one of the advantages of running your own Kleeneze business is that you can choose.

You can choose to wait for a while to see if the rain eases off.

You can choose to go out anyway, wrap up well, and show your customers how reliable and dedicated you are to looking after them.

I find it really satisfying going out in the rain, with my hood up, and returning to a lovely cup of hot tea, with a bunch of orders from my happy customers. and often, I find I have more orders than usual. Why would that be? Well if my customers are stuck in on a rainy day, they have more time to read through the catalogue and place their order!

Kleeneze Problem 3 solved. 

Kleeneze Problems: Number 4 – It takes time

Kleeneze calendarIf you are just looking to earn a little extra, then you can find your first customers and earn your first profits within a week.

However, if you have seen some of the stories of people earning £5000, £10,000, £20,000 per month and more, then you are right. It takes time.

Kleeneze is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme. It is a well-founded business where your hard work will be rewarded well. If you follow the advice of your sponsor, and follow our tried and tested system for building a base of customers who will order from you regularly, and for building a team of distributors who you can support, train, and coach, then you will all achieve great success together.

Building a large residual income will take time. But it will be worth it. …And when you are earning a large residual income, and reaping the rewards that that gives you, then you will realise that it is time well spent.

Kleeneze problem 4 solved.

Kleeneze Problems: Number 5 – It is hard work

Kleeneze - Is it Hard Work?

Kleeneze – Is it Hard Work?

Is it hard work being a Kleeneze Distributor?

Well, it is not as hard as working down a coal mine. It is not as hard as being on the front line of a battle in the Army.

It IS harder than sitting down watching TV. It IS harder than reading a book.

Being a successful Kleeneze distributor is SIMPLE, but it is not EASY.

You DO have to deliver and collect your catalogues regularly – at least 10-15 hours a week. But this is just like taking a good walk for some healthy exercise, and earning money at the same time.

If you want to build a team, you WILL need to learn some new skills, and this can be a challenge if you are not familiar with being a team leader. However – many successful team leaders have achieved amazing things, with no experience, just by following the advice and guidance of their sponsor, and by following the tried and tested Kleeneze system.

Kleeneze is not hard work, but if you work hard at it, then you can achieve amazing success.

Kleeneze Problem 5 solved.

So – There are some problems in Kleeneze, as there are in life – but they ALL have solutions.

I hope you have found this useful.

If you are not yet a Kleeneze Distributor, just click here for a Free Kleeneze Information Pack.

Bye for Now.

chris smith kleeneze distributorChris Smith

Independent Kleeneze Distributor.

Kleeneze Training Academy

In September 2014, Kleeneze published this 30 minute video titled “Kleeneze Training Academy”.

The video is presented by our Managing Director Michael Khatkar, and features top distributors Craig White, Neil Young, and Jamie and Adele De Caso.

It provides you with a great source of inspiration and information, and explains why and how you should grow your kleeneze business by sponsoring new team members.

It explains different ways to find people who might be interested in becoming Kleeneze Distributors.

It explains the importance of your own attitude while talking to prospects.

This Kleeneze Training Video covers…

Kleeneze Training: Getting Started with Kleeneze

  • The Importance of Sponsoring
  • Your Warm List
  • the Tone of your Voice
  • Power Words
  • The Three Foot Rule
  • Different Rods in the pond
  • The Business Kit
  • Objections and Questions
  • Personal Confidence


Get yourself a cup of tea, a pen and notebook, and watch this fantastic Kleeneze training video…


I hope you found that useful. If you have any questions about this Kleeneze Training, feel free to contact me here.

If you would like some information about becoming a Kleeneze distributor, just click here for a free Kleeneze Information Pack.

To see what other Kleeneze Training is available, visit this Kleeneze page on our support and training.

Best Wishes

Chris Smith

Kleeneze: The Truth… (Get Rich Scheme, or waste of time?)

The Truth about Kleeneze Kleeneze Logo new

If you’ve ever spoken to anyone about Kleeneze, you will probably hear one of two stories….


  • “Nobody ever earns any money. You work really hard delivering millions of Kleeneze catalogues to people who don’t want them. The only people who make money are those who started at the beginning and have a massive team”
  • “It’s an easy way to get rich – just deliver a few catalogues, and build a team of Kleeneze Distributors who do the same, You earn commission on all of your team members, so build a massive team and earn thousands every month”

As usual – the truth is somewhere inbetween.


chris and sarah smith Kleeneze Miami


My name’s Chris Smith. My wife Sarah and I have been Kleeneze Distributors since 2008, and if you’d like to find out the truth about Kleeneze, I hope this article will help you…..


Let’s start off with that first idea… “Nobody ever earns any money. You work really hard delivering millions of Kleeneze catalogues to people who don’t want them. The only people who make money are those who started at the beginning and have a massive team”

Kleeneze is a very simple business, a flexible way to earn a good part time income. You can earn more if you are willing to learn some new skills and work hard. Take a look at the Kleeneze Business Model – How Does Kleeneze Work?

You start off delivering catalogues to houses in your area. The truth is that initially, you have no idea who will order from you and who won’t. So you deliver to every house, You are doing your market research to find your regular customers.

The catalogue pack has a note introducing you to the customer, and saying you will collect the catalogue back in a couple of days, so please could they put their catalogue on their doorstep so you can collect it without disturbing them.

Any household that does not wish to receive a catalogue can simply put a note in the catalogue pack explaining that they do not require a catalogue in future. You simply cross those off your list.

Some people order from you, and some people don’t.

You repeat this to new houses as often as you want – normally a couple of times a week. After a month you go back to the first houses and start again.

Again, some people order from you, and some people don’t. After 3-6 months, you have built up a record of those households that have ordered, and those that haven’t you can then become a lot more efficient by just delivering to the people who order from you. All of those households that didn’t order can be crossed off your list so they don’t receive a catalogue from you if they don’t want one.

You earn commission from all of those orders you received.

So at the beginning, the harder you work, the more catalogues you deliver, the more orders you receive, and the more you earn.

Kleeneze Catalogue Deliverers and Team Leaders

… and what about the second view…? “It’s an easy way to get rich – just deliver a few catalogues, and build a team of Kleeneze Distributors who do the same, You earn commission on all of your team members, so build a massive team and earn thousands every month”  

Kleeneze is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme.

There are people earning over £3000 a month just delivering catalogues to their customers, but they have worked hard for several years to find those customers, and they work hard looking after their customers.

There are also Kleeneze Distributors earning a lot more than that – tens of thousands of pounds every month – having recruited, helped, supported, and coached people who want to earn some extra money and have joined kleeneze.

This also takes time and effort – you will have to learn new skills – how to explain the business to people, how to help them get started, how to inspire them, how to motivate them when they are feeling down, how to teach them to do what you do.

But if you are happy to invest some time learning those skills, you can build a team, and over time that will provide you with a nice residual income.

One of my sponsors, Bob Webb, is doing exactly that. This is my wife Sarah and I, with a photo for our Goal Board. We know that if Bob can do this, so can we. and Believe me, if we can do it. So can you…

Kleeneze Ferrari Chris and Sarah Smith

So what is the truth about Kleeneze?

It is a very simple business. Anyone can do it. If you are willing to work hard and learn some skills.

If you’d like some information about becoming a Kleeneze Distributor, just click here for a Free Kleeneze information pack.

Best wishes

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze Distributor


Chris Smith

Independent Kleeneze Distributor


Kleeneze: When is the best time to join Kleeneze?

When is the best time to join Kleeneze?

When is the best time to join Kleeneze?

There are two answers to this question, which I will explain in a moment. But first, let me explain very briefly how Kleeneze works, based on my own experiences as a Kleeneze Distributor since 2008. (You can also view the Kleeneze Business Model – How Does Kleeneze Work)

How to earn money with Kleeneze

There are 2 ways to earn money from Kleenezethe first is the retail side – As a Kleeneze distributor you make a profit on every item you sell, whether that is on Facebook, working from home on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, or with the catalogues – where you deliver  to houses in your area, collect them a couple of days later, and then deliver back to the customers the goods that they have ordered.

When you first join Kleeneze, you have no idea who will order from you, and who will become your regular customers. So you deliver catalogues to every house, once a month, and as you find people who are ordering, and those who don’t, you gradually cross off the ones that are never ordering, and move on to a new area, building up a bigger and bigger customer base.

This is a very simple way to earn a good part time income.

Depending on how much you wish to earn from your own Kleeneze catalogues, this can take 6-12 months from when you join Kleeneze, to get to the point when you are only delivering to your regular customers. At this point you are making a lot more money putting in a lot less time, and using a lot fewer catalogues.

The second way to earn money from Kleeneze is by sharing this opportunity with other people. If you find someone else who might be interested in earning some extra money like you, and you show them how to join Kleeneze, then you earn a bonus based on their orders, aswell as your own.

There is no limit to the number of people you can introduce.

You also earn bonuses based on the orders of people THEY introduce, and so on. This can get very exciting as your team grows!

Kleeneze Income

A typical graph of your income if you work hard on the team building could be like this…

When is the best time to join Kleeneze?

Kleeneze Income Curve

As I work hard at building my business, I realised that the best time to join Kleeneze was 10 Years ago! I wish I had joined Kleeneze 10 years before I did.

However – unless you have a time machine, the NEXT best time to join Kleeneze is NOW.

Don’t wait until the time is just right – you can be building your customer base, gaining knowledge of how it works, and sharing it with some people over the next few days and weeks, and building up your residual income which can transform your life, if you want to.

You can join Kleeneze now…

If you would like more information about how kleeneze works, or how to join Kleeneze, just click here to request a Free Kleeneze Information Pack.

Bye for Now.

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze DistributorChris Smith


Kleeneze or Betterware?

So, a quick heads up before you start reading this. I am a Kleeneze distributor, so the Kleeneze bits of this article are likely to be more accurate than the Betterware bits. However, I hope it will give you a good idea of both of these businesses.

betterware catalogueKleeneze or Betterware?

What is the difference between Betterware and Kleeneze?

Actually, the fundamentals of Kleeneze and Betterware are remarkably similar:

You are self-employed. You deliver catalogues to houses in your area. Your customers look through the catalogue, and put it back out on the doorstep for you to collect a day or two later. Some will order, some won’t. You earn commission on your sales.

The differences are in the details….

Start up Costs

Betterware is free to start, Kleeneze has an initial cost. At the time of writing, the cost to become a Kleeneze distributor is £25, or £99, depending on how many catalogues you want to start with.

This cost seems to be related to your role in the business:

A Betterware distributor seems to be like a self-employed job. You have a local area supervisor who tells you where you can deliver your catalogues, puts your order in for you, and pays you after you have delivered your goods to your customers.

As a Kleeneze distributor you are more of an entrepreneur. You can choose where to deliver the catalogues, you submit your own orders when you want to, you get paid directly from the customers, with bonuses from Head Office.

Where can you deliver your catalogues?

As I mentioned above, as a Betterware distributor, you are told where you are allowed to deliver your catalogues. As a Kleeneze distributor you can deliver them wherever you wish.

Which is better? There are pros and cons to both.

As a Betterware distributor, the biggest advantage is that there is no other distributor delivering to your area. The disadvantage is if your area is not very good, you cannot go to a different area. Even if it is a good area, and you want to earn more by delivering more catalogues, you can’t.

As a Kleeneze distributor, you can deliver as many catalogues as you wish, wherever you wish. You tend to start in the streets where you live, and move gradually outwards until you have as many customers as you want. Kleeneze Distributors overlap, and this seems to work very well. As you find your customers, and become more efficient by just delivering your Kleeneze catalogues to your regular customers, if another distributor comes along later and delivers to the same streets, your customers will stay loyal to you (assuming you are looking after them), and the new Kleeneze distributor will find their customers in the houses where you no longer deliver. Why does this happen? All sorts of reasons: People move out and other people move in. People see a new product in the catalogue, people have a change of circumstance etc…


As a Betterware Distributor you will have a local area manager who gives you your catalogues, and tells you where to deliver them. They will take your orders from you, and place them with Head Office. You then go to collect your goods from them, and they pay you after you have delivered the goods to your customers. The level of support you get is very dependent on the quality of your local area manager.

A Kleeneze distributor is more independent. You have your sponsor, who may or may not be local. You also have their sponsor, and that person’s sponsor aswell. The entire upline of distributors are there to support you, so you often find that you get different kinds of support from different people. There is also lots of support from the Kleeneze Help Desk. There are local Training meetings, Regional and National Conferences.

Team Building

One of the most important differences between Betterware and Kleeneze is the ability to increase your income by introducing other people into the business.

With Betterware – most people become a distributor by applying to Head Office to see if there is an area near them which is free, They are then contacted by the Area Manager for that area.

With Kleeneze – Head Office does no recruitment at all. All new distributors are introduced by existing distributors. A new distributor can do the same. So if you start as a Kleeneze distributor, and have a friend or family member who wants to join as well, even if they are in a different part of the country, then they can become part of your team, and you immediately earn bonuses based on their orders.

You can introduce as many people as you wish.



To sum up, I would say Betterware is more like a self-employed, commission-based job. Kleeneze tends to appeal more to people who are a bit more of an entrepreneur.

I have been a Kleeneze distributor since 2008, and I am really happy with that decision. If you would like to find out more about becoming a Kleeneze Distributor, click here to get a free Kleeneze information Pack.


Bye for now

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze Distributor


Chris Smith

Kleeneze Business Coach

Have you ever thought about becoming a Kleeneze distributor, but wanted a bit more responsibility? Something that would make better use of your skills?

Maybe you already have some experience of being a team leader, or a manager.

Perhaps you have been self-employed in the past, and have experience of running your own business?

You should consider becoming a Kleeneze Business Coach.

Let me briefly explain the different roles within any Kleeneze team:

Kleeneze Distributor

Catalogue DeliverersA Kleeneze Distributor typically earns most of their income by their own efforts. See the Kleeneze Business Model – How Does Kleeneze Work?

They deliver and collect Kleeneze Catalogues in their area, and deliver orders to their customers.

They need to be organised, have good customer service skills, be hard working, and be willing to learn.

By following our system, and taking on board the training, and delivering your catalogues regularly, you can earn a little extra each week, just to help cover the bills, or treat yourself at the weekend.



Kleeneze Team Leader

Kleeneze team leaderA Kleeneze Team Leader can a good income by delivering to their own customers, but a larger proportion is earned as commission from their team’s orders.

A Team Leader is responsible for recruiting new starters, and showing them how to be a Kleeneze Distributor.

As well as the skills of a Kleeneze Distributor, they also need to be a good communicator, to help and support their team.

If the Team Leader consistently recruits, helps, and supports people who join the business, and start placing orders from their own retail, after a few months the Kleeneze Team leader can earn a full time income.


Kleeneze Business Coach

Kleeneze business coachA Kleeneze Business Coach may still have an income from their customers, but the majority can be from their large and growing team.

As well as recruiting new Kleeneze Distributors, you will be responsible for identifying your team leaders, coaching them, and supporting them to grow their own teams.

Your skills will include those of a Kleeneze Distributor and Team Leader, but in addition you will be ambitious, determined and persistent. You will have good Coaching Skills, be a confident presenter and trainer, and have a constant desire to learn new skills.

A Kleeneze Business Coach who develops a team of successful Kleeneze Team Leaders can earn a fabulous residual income  as their team grows, and they train their own Team Leaders to become Business Coaches themselves. This can take many months, or years, but it is a worthwhile effort, as the majority of their income will be a residual income, as a result of their efforts recruiting, training, coaching, and supporting their team.


As you can see, Kleeneze has a role for many different skill sets. Many people join Kleeneze as distributors, to simply earn an extra £50 a week, but they become Team Leaders and move on to become Business Coaches with large residual incomes, as their experience grows, and they learn new skills.

So if you would like to learn more about any of these roles, click here for a Kleeneze information pack.

Bye for Now

chris smith kleeneze distributor


Chris Smith

Independent kleeneze Business Coach

Kleeneze Distributor: A typical day

A typical day in my life as a Kleeneze Distributor

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What is a typical day for you? I guess it depends on your situation, do you commute to a nine to five job, work hard, then commute home? Do you get the kids’ breakfast ready, get them ready for school, take them to school, wash, clean, pick the kids up, make tea….?

We are all different, but if you’ve ever wondered what it is like being a Kleeneze Distributor, then I hope I can enlighten you. You can see here how Kleeneze Works.

Every day is different, but this will give you an idea. I work hard on my Kleeneze business, because I know the rewards will be fantastic. A fantastic lifestyle, holidays whenever we want to take them, residual income, early retirement if I want to, making sure I can treat my children whenever I want and so much more. I know I will achieve all of these things, but I have to earn those rewards, so let me explain how I am doing that….

A typical day

kleeneze successI wake up about 6am, and spend an hour working on my Kleeneze business marketing. This might be writing a Blog page (like this one), or creating a Google Adwords campaign for example. As a Kleeneze Distributor, growing my Business is the most important daily task. Growth now gives me the security, income, and lifestyle for the future.


Kleeneze shaveA quick wash and a shave, and then about 7:30am, I go out and deliver my Kleeneze catalogues to my customers. This is the part that most people associate with being a Kleeneze Distributor. I deliver about 100 catalogues, once a week, to my regular customers. When I first started I delivered a lot more than that, as I was finding and building my customer base. A new Kleeneze Distributor delivers around 250 catalogues a week to get started. I now get the rewards of that 6 months work at the beginning, as I only deliver to regular customers, so it is a lot less work, and a lot more income from their orders.

Kleeneze feeling smug


So by about 9am I come home, and I really enjoy my breakfast. Most people are only just getting into work, and I already have my catalogues out working for me, and my marketing is out, finding new team members for me. I have already had a productive day, and it is just 9am. I sit there with my mug of tea, and my toast, feeling very smug.

But I don’t stop there. After breakfast, I make some phone calls to people that have responded to my adverts overnight. Maybe they received one of my leaflets, or saw an internet campaign, or read an article on my blog.

happy-phone-callI love this part. I have a quick chat, to understand their situation, and to see if Kleeneze will be able to help them. I get to speak to all sorts of people. Mums that want to earn some money around the school run; Hard working people who are struggling to find work, and are sick of being on benefits; Professionals who are worried about their pensions, and want to build a secure financial future. This variety makes my day.

After speaking to each one, I send them a Kleeneze information pack, which explains to them about becoming a Kleeneze Distributor, and how Kleeneze might be able to solve their problems, and improve the quality of their life.

Kleeneze parcelforce

Once a week, around mid-morning, Clive, our ParcelForce driver, delivers my orders that I collected from my 100-or-so catalogues I had delivered last week. I sort the goods into my different customer orders, and put them all in the car ready to deliver.


As I drive round to each of my customers, i give them a quick call to let them know I’m on my way. They like this, so they can get their money ready, and they’re not surprised when I knock on the door. This is a great part of my week. All of my customers have stories to tell, about their day, or their week, or their life. I love listening to them, sharing a few minutes and enriching my life and theirs, in just a small way.

Kleeneze cup of tea

In mid-afternoon my daughters come home, Scarlett from school, and Sophie from her Day centre, and I love to spend a few minutes with them and my wife Sarah, over a cup of tea, finding out what exciting things have happened today.


In late afternoon I usually spend an hour calling my team members. We have a quick chat,  see if everyone is ok, if they need any help with anything, check that they are happy that their business is growing as quickly as they’d like.

We have our family meal around 6pm – this is a really important time together, and I love being able to eat with them without feeling stressed after a long commute. It is a relaxed time when we can talk about our day, our plans, and life in general.

Around 7pm I usually have some more calls to make – people that want to talk to me about joining Kleeneze, but who work during the day. Other prospects that I have not yet been able to speak to, I try them in the evening, as it may be more convenient for them to talk then.

Kleeneze Webinar

Once a week I run a training webinar for my team, and other Kleeneze Distributors and their teams. This is just 30 minutes from 8pm, but they seem to go down very well. Short, sharp, and helpful, I hope.


Kleeneze jim RohnBy 9pm I am almost finished for the day. I help Sophie to bed (she likes a story, and I love reading to her). and I finish off with a bit of reading. Personal Development is one of the secret benefits of becoming a Kleeneze Distributor. I have learnt so many skills that help me in all aspects of my life – how to stop procrastinating, how to do things that seem a bit scary at first, how to stop criticising people just because you don’t agree with them, how to be positive, optimistic, and cheerful. All of these things make my days wonderful. and all of these things I learnt by reading for a few minutes each evening.

So if I said to you I work from 6am to 9pm every day, you might think “Poor thing, what long hours!”, but please don’t feel sorry for this Kleeneze Distributor. “If you do something you love, you never have to work a day in your life” – this is just how I feel.

….and what rewards do I get for all of this?

A nice monthly income – and I work on growing this every month…

but you don’t have to work this hard at the beginning. You can start part-time. When I first started I just wanted a little extra, just delivering catalogues to my lovely customers…

Chris smith Kleeneze Cheque

Sarah Smith Kleeneze Miami


… and in 2012 Kleeneze took Sarah and I on an all-expenses paid, 5-star luxury trip to Miami…






Breakfast - Kleeneze style in Dubai



… and in 2013, Kleeneze took us to Dubai…




I hope this has given you an idea of what my life as a Kleeneze Distributor is like. I work hard, and I enjoy the flexibility, and the rewards. i am looking forward to bigger rewards in the future.

Find out more about being a Kleeneze Distributor:


So if you would like to find out about becoming a Kleeneze Distributor, just click here for a FREE Kleeneze Information Pack.

chris smith kleeneze distributor


Bye for now

Chris Smith

Kleeneze – the UK’s Best Kept Secret

What is the Kleeneze Secret?

Catalogue DeliverersKleeneze has been a well known British Brand since 1923. Ask a sample of people if they have heard of it, and you will get a very high number saying…. “of course… those shopping catalogues that you get through your door”

But there is another side to Kleeneze. A side that most people don’t know. A Kleeneze Secret:

Kleeneze can transform your life.

Let me explain…

The Kleeneze distributors that deliver your Kleeneze Catalogue through your letterbox are not employed by Kleeneze. They are self-employed. They earn commission from all of the sales their customers make. A nice, part time income.

For many distributors this is perfect. They can choose their own hours to fit around another job, or the school run, or any other commitments they might have. The extra money might help to pay the bills, or to treat the kids to a pizza once a week.

… and that is the view that most people have of Kleeneze distributors. Working hard just to earn a little extra.

…But there is more.

Kleeneze is a Network Marketing Business. That means as well as earning commission on your own sales, if you come across someone else who would like to earn some extra money, and you introduce them to Kleeneze, then Kleeneze pay you a bonus every month based on THEIR sales, as well as your own.

… and there is no limit to the number of people you can introduce.

For example, if you introduce four or five people to Kleeneze, and they put their catalogues out regularly, and earn themselves a nice part time income, then you will receive a nice bonus to increase your income. More income, but still putting out the same number of catalogues and spending the same amount of time doing it.

When I first read that I started to get interested in it.

But there’s even more…

If the people that you introduced, see what you have done, and decide that they would like to introduce some people as well, then your bonus is based on THEIR orders aswell. Can you see where this is going?


Some people really get into the team building side, because you can build a huge income, and transform your life.

Here is the official Kleeneze video where some Kleeneze Distributors who did exactly that are interviewed…

My Kleeneze experience

Many people are very sceptical when they first look at Kleeneze, and I felt the same when I first looked at it. But I wanted to give it a go, because I thought “If it’s been around for 90 years, it must be doing something right”

So I started with 250 Catalogues, and just followed the instructions of my sponsor. I delivered them once a week, every week. Was it hard work? Yes. I was surprised. I spent three hours delivering catalogues, just going for a long walk really. When I got home I was shattered! I went to sleep for 3 hours.

But I did it again. and I did it again. and I got orders from people that I’d never met, and didn’t know me. Brilliant.

So after 6 months I had built a nice little customer base, and was earning about £100 a week… Here’s one of my monthly cheques…

Chris smith Kleeneze Cheque

This was great for me.. a little extra, part-time. Just what I was looking for.

But I could see there was so much more. So I asked my sponsor how I could start team building, and I found some people that were looking to earn some extra money, as I had been when I started.

I showed them how to do what I had done, and they just copied me.

My income started to grow as my team got bigger. By 2012 my income had grown from £400 a month to £1300 a month. I had tripled my earnings. How could you get a pay rise like that at work?

Chris Smith Kleeneze cheque

Now I thought this was pretty good. Some people had grown their business quicker than me, some had been slower, but I was happy. Then it got even better.

Every year Kleeneze take 200 Distributors to an international conference. 4 or 5 days of all expenses paid, 5 star luxury. In 2012 it was Miami, and I couldn’t believe it when we got a call from Michael Khathar, Kleeneze’s Director of Network Development, to say we had qualified.

I had been to USA before, on a short holiday with my wife, but when Kleeneze take you away, it is unbelievable. All expenses paid, red carpet treatment. It was like a non-Kleeneze International Conferencestop 5 day party.


Click here to read my Kleeneze Miami report…  


and in 2013 they did it again. This time Kleeneze took us to DubaiThe Westion hotel, our Kleeneze accomodation.


Click Here to read my Kleeneze Dubai report…




I can’t believe how my life has changed since I started Kleeneze. I hope you can get a sense of how Kleeneze can transform your life, if you want it to.


In these days of unemployment and benefit cuts, poor pension plans and extended retirement age, I speak to people all of the time who have a financial problem, but they think that Kleeneze doesn’t work, or that it isn’t worth it. They don’t know the Kleeneze Secret. All I can offer you is my own experiences: If you work, Kleeneze works.


So if you didn’t know the Kleeneze Secret, and you’d like to find out a bit more about it, just click here for a FREE information pack.

I hope to speak to you soon.

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze Distributor


Best wishes

Chris Smith




Kleeneze Catalogues – how do they work?

Thanks to Kleeneze’s Tim Pace for this analogy that perfectly describes the catalogue side of the Kleeneze business

Kleeneze Catalogues - your tools of the trade

Kleeneze Catalogues – your tools of the trade

If you are self-employed as a tradesman and you go on holiday you are not usually paid.

Imagine how amazing it would be if you could drop off the tools at a few jobs and they magically came alive to do the job for you.

Then all you need do when you return is drive around, pick up the tools, and collect the money!


Kleeneze Catalogues

That is the way Kleeneze catalogues work. You drop them off to houses in your area; Then you go on holiday, then collect them with orders on your return… magical.

Now you can take short holidays – just a day or two – while your catalogues are out. This is best when you are just starting out – as your customers may forget about them if you’re away for too long.

Once you have a good base of regular customers that you deliver your Kleeneze Catalogues too each month, then you can do “long drops”, where you can go away for a week or more, and when you come back, your catalogues will be waiting for you to collect on the day you requested, with lots of orders – I do this a couple of times a year when I go away, and it works every time!

The Kleeneze Catalogues are your tools of the trade. If you look after them, they will serve you well, like a plumber’s wrench or a carpenter’s saw.

If you’d like more information about becoming a Kleeneze Distributor, just click on this link for a Free Kleeneze information Pack.

Best Wishes

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze DistributorChris Smith

Independent Kleeneze Distributor

Kleeneze Residual Income for beginners…

I recently saw a post on Facebook by Tim Pace, and I thought it was a great explanation of how the Kleeneze Residual Income works…


Kleeneze residual income

Imagine getting paid everytime the loo is flushed!








Kleeneze Residual income is a wonderful thing:

Imagine if you were a plumber. You get paid a fee for fitting a toilet, lets say £150. That’s the end of it.

How about if you fitted the toilet for free? Crazy ?

But what if you got paid £1 every time it got flushed. For life. And you then went crazy for 5 years fitting toilets. You would over a period of time build up a huge income. Then you could retire on the income and never work again.

This is how Kleeneze Residual income works. However we don’t fit toilets. We help people make money, we get paid a small percentage by Kleeneze based on how many we help.

This Kleeneze system is very simple:

  • Retail
  • Sponsor
  • Teach

As a Kleeneze Distributor you retail products yourself by delivering catalogues to houses in your area.

We can also Sponsor, or introduce other people to Kleeneze.

We then teach, support and coach them so that they can start to earn money from their own retailing. They too can then sponsor new distributors, and teach their new distributors how to do the same.

If you help enough people,  you earn a great, residual, income. We love helping people earn money. And the more we help the more we make.

If you’re interested in finding out more, just request a Free Kleeneze Info Pack


Chris Smith

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze Distributor

Is Kleeneze Worth It?

Is Kleeneze Worth it?

When John Hawkes, Kleeneze Millionaire, was asked “Did you ever think of quitting?” He replied “Every Bloody Day!”


I remember John telling this story at a Kleeneze training day, and I was reminded of it recently when I read this quote…


I am not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”


This is John with my wife, Sarah…

Is Kleeneze Worth it? Ask John Hawkes, Kleeneze millionaire.

Is Kleeneze Worth it?


John was giving some training a few years ago, and told us his story. I recall it here as best I can…


He had joined Kleeneze when he was 58. He was having some financial difficulties after mortgage rates shot through the roof!


He started Kleeneze with his wife, Jeanette, and set a target of earning £1000 a month.

You can build a nice full time income by doing Kleeneze Full-Time,

or build it up more gradually by doing Kleeneze Part-Time.

It was hard work, but they achieved their target, which helped them survive their cash crisis. They continued to grow their business, but after a while, they hit a plateau – one month the business would grow, and the next it would drop, and so on, and on. Putting in a lot of work, and not seeing much reward, but keeping their head above water.

Somebody asked him – “Did you ever feel like quitting?” and his answer was “Every Bloody Day!”

But he persevered, and then suddenly, his business exploded, some new dynamic team members joined, and his business grew from strength to strength.


Kleeneze income full time or part-timeJohn and Jeanette earned over £1 million in their first seven years in the business. I think he is pleased he did not quit.

This was the impact of the Kleeneze Residual Income.



Is Kleeneze Worth it?

So… Is Kleeneze easy? – No. It is simple, but not easy.

You need to work hard. There will be good days and bad days, and there will be days you want to quit. But as I said at the beginning – I am not telling you it’s going to be easy, I am telling you it is going to be worth it!


If you would like to find out more about becoming a Kleeneze distributor, click here for a FREE Kleeneze Information Pack.


Best wishes


Chris Smith

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze Distributor