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Kleeneze Catalogues: How to earn money with them

Kleeneze catalogue

Can you earn money as a Kleeneze Distributor?

I am sure you’ve seen a Kleeneze Catalogue.

Distributors have been delivering Kleeneze catalogues to homes around the UK and Ireland for over 25 years. So if you haven’t received one, your mum probably has.

Have you ever wondered if YOU could earn money as a Kleeneze Distributor?

Well this article should help you to answer that question.



In a way, there are two questions to answer.

1) Can someone earn money delivering Kleeneze catalogues?

2) Can YOU earn money delivering Kleeneze catalogues?

I have deliberately split the question into two, as there could be two different answers.

Can someone earn money delivering Kleeneze catalogues?

Of course. Being a Kleeneze distributor is very simple. If you can copy a postman, you can become a Kleeneze Distributor. If you can show someone how to copy a postman, you can become a Team leader. It really is very simple, but I will expand on that in a moment…

Can YOU earn money delivering Kleeneze catalogues?

Now here is the thing. Many thousands of people earn good money as Kleeneze Distributors, but that doesn’t mean that YOU will.

Why? Well being a Kleeneze Distributor is simple, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. You have to be willing to work. You have to understand that not everyone will order from you. The more catalogues you deliver, the more people you find who will order from you. After a while, you stop delivering to people that don’t order from you, and you only deliver to your regular customers.

This is called having a Customer Base, and it can take you three to six months to get to that point.

If you quit during the first 3 – 6 months, you will miss out on the huge benefits of a customer base.

So in order for YOU to earn money delivering Kleeneze catalogues you need to…

  • Follow our easy system.
  • Commit at least 10-12 hours per week.
  • Speak to your sponsor regularly.
  • Attend the training (local meetings, online webinars etc)
  • Don’t give up because you had a bad day. The most successful distributors have had hundreds of bad days, but they have also had THOUSANDS of very good days.

It’s pretty simple really.

Your Customer Base

The people who are earning good money delivering Kleeneze catalogues are those that saw the bigger picture, attended the training, persevered through the good days and bad days, and continued delivering their Kleeneze catalogues until they had a good base of regular customers.

There is no fixed point when this happens. You could be happy delivering to 200 customers once per month, which takes you 5-10 hours a week.

Or If you want more, then this could be 500 – 1000 customers that take you 15-20 hours a week.

Team Leaders

So far, I have only talked about delivering Kleeneze catalogues. If you think you could show someone how to deliver a Kleeneze catalogue, then you can become a Team Leader, and that opens up a whole new world of increased earnings and residual income.

How do you earn money delivering Kleeneze catalogues?

You deliver Kleeneze catalogues to houses around your area. Your customers put them out on their doorsteps a couple of days later so you can collect them. You earn 15% – 21% commission on all of your orders. If you commit at least 10-15 hours a week, you can earn a good part time income.

It really is very simple. For more info, tale a look at the Kleeneze Business Model – How Does Kleeneze Work?

If you would like more information, click here for a FREE Kleeneze Information pack. 

Best wishes

Be part of our winning team

Be part of our winning team

Chris and Sarah Smith

Independent Kleeneze Distributors

UPDATED: How much does it cost to join Kleeneze?

How much does it cost to join Kleeneze? (UPDATED)

Kleeneze: Frequently Asked Questions

Kleeneze: Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most common questions I am asked by people who are looking at Kleeneze as a way to earn some extra money is:

  • “How much does it cost to join Kleeneze?” or something similar…
  • “Are there any start up costs?”
  • “Is there an initial investment?”
  • “What are the upfront fees?”

 So I’ll answer that question in this video…

Or if you prefer, you can read about the Kleeneze costs here….

There are several different options, depending on how many catalogues you want to get started with, but you can get started for just £25.

If you want a bigger kit with 250 catalogues, you can get started for £99.

* These are the current prices (June 2017), but they may change in future, so please check with your sponsor first.  

The Kleeneze starter kit

So what do you get in the Kleeneze starter kit?

You get pretty much everything you need to start and grow your very own successful Kleeneze Business. Just add enthusiasm and a good work ethic and you’ll be flying…

The Kleeneze Starter Pack, consists of:

  • Your catalogues, with all of the plastic bags and order forms.
  • Your own online shop (visit my Kleeneze online shop to see an example)
  • A personalised stationery pack
  • A shoulder bag
  • Business manual and documentation
  • Great Sponsoring tools – Opportunity DVDs and the Go Pro training book
  • PLUS:
  • access to our weekly training webinars
  • one to one help and support to ensure you get whatever you want out of Kleeneze.
  • a 30-Day Bonus to win MORE catalogues.
  • Your own Team Building website (visit mine to see an example)

….Everything you need to get started as a Kleeneze Distributor

I hope this helps.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Kleeneze distributor and working with me, just click on this link and enter your details for a FREE Kleeneze info Pack.

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze Distributor

Chris Smith

Independant Kleeneze Distributor

The Top 5 Kleeneze Problems faced by New Distributors

Kleeneze Catalogue Deliverers and Team LeadersIf you are considering becoming a Kleeneze Distributor, or if you have just become a Kleeneze Distributor, then you probably worry that there will be some Kleeneze Problems you will come across.

Kleeneze has been in it’s current form for 25 years. It is a very simple business – you deliver catalogues to houses in your area, you collect them back in. You deliver the goods back to the customer who ordered from you. If you want to increase your income you can become a Team Leader by showing other people how to do the same as you. Simple.

…and because it is simple, most of the Kleeneze problems that can occur, have already occured, so we can tell you about them, and how to deal with them.

Top 5 Kleeneze Problems

Top 5 Kleeneze Problems

Top 5 Kleeneze Problems

The Top 5 Kleeneze problems new distributors think they will face are…

  1. You lose catalogues
  2. The support from your sponsor is poor
  3. It rains
  4. It takes time
  5. It is hard work


Kleeneze Problems: Number 1 – You lose catalogues

Kleeneze starter packAs a Kleeneze Distributor, when you first start, you deliver as many catalogues as you can to the houses in your area. Then you collect them back a day or two later, and deliver them to new houses etc.

Unfortunately, some of the houses that you deliver to may be empty, so you will lose those catalogues. …and some of them will have dogs in that chew everything that comes through the letterbox. …and some of them will have children who like to drawn on magazines. …and some of them will have grumpy people in who throw the catalogue away.

So you do lose some catalogues – and as they are your main tool to earn money – that is not good.

HOWEVER – Kleeneze help you with this. In your first 30 Days, as you place orders, you receive Free catalogues, to help replace those that you have lost.

At the end of your first 30 Days, many new Kleeneze distributors end up with more catalogues than they started with.

Kleeneze Problem 1 solved. 

Kleeneze Problems: Number 2 – The support from my sponsor will be poor.

confusedKleeneze operates as a Network Marketing business. This means that the person who sponsors you into the business is your sponsor. They are responsible for helping you, guiding you, coaching you, teaching you, and basically helping you get whatever you want out of Kleeneze.

But what if they are not very experienced themselves? Or what if you just don’t get on with them?

Don’t Panic! There is a solution.

If you are not yet a Kleeneze Distributor, you can choose who you would like to have as your sponsor. Do your research. If you are reading this then you already are. Well done. You will find there are lots of Kleeneze Distributors who write blogs like this, or record training videos on YouTube. Find a one who you think you would get on with, and ask them for an information pack. This will give you a chance to speak to them and decide if you would like them to be your sponsor. If you don’t really click with them, try someone else. There are many great Team Leaders out there, and if you speak to a few, you will find one who is just right for you.

But what if you have already signed up with someone, and then find that you are not getting the support you want?

There’s a solution to this too. It is called your upline.

Your sponsor will, themselves, have been sponsored into the business by someone. That person is in your upline, and will also help you. So have a chat with them. Still no good? Then go another level up – that person will also have a sponsor who is also in your upline. Keep going until you find someone you get on well with.

Kleeneze Problem 2 solved. 

Kleeneze Problems: Number 3 – It rains

it rainsOK, now this won’t be news to you if you live in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, or Ireland, but it sometimes rains.

How does this affect your business? Well actually it depends on you, and your attitude. I am a great believer in the phrase “There is no such thing as Bad Weather, just the Wrong Clothes”.

Now I agree that it is much more enjoyable going out on a beautiful sunny day to collect your catalogues, than going out in the pouring rain, but one of the advantages of running your own Kleeneze business is that you can choose.

You can choose to wait for a while to see if the rain eases off.

You can choose to go out anyway, wrap up well, and show your customers how reliable and dedicated you are to looking after them.

I find it really satisfying going out in the rain, with my hood up, and returning to a lovely cup of hot tea, with a bunch of orders from my happy customers. and often, I find I have more orders than usual. Why would that be? Well if my customers are stuck in on a rainy day, they have more time to read through the catalogue and place their order!

Kleeneze Problem 3 solved. 

Kleeneze Problems: Number 4 – It takes time

Kleeneze calendarIf you are just looking to earn a little extra, then you can find your first customers and earn your first profits within a week.

However, if you have seen some of the stories of people earning £5000, £10,000, £20,000 per month and more, then you are right. It takes time.

Kleeneze is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme. It is a well-founded business where your hard work will be rewarded well. If you follow the advice of your sponsor, and follow our tried and tested system for building a base of customers who will order from you regularly, and for building a team of distributors who you can support, train, and coach, then you will all achieve great success together.

Building a large residual income will take time. But it will be worth it. …And when you are earning a large residual income, and reaping the rewards that that gives you, then you will realise that it is time well spent.

Kleeneze problem 4 solved.

Kleeneze Problems: Number 5 – It is hard work

Kleeneze - Is it Hard Work?

Kleeneze – Is it Hard Work?

Is it hard work being a Kleeneze Distributor?

Well, it is not as hard as working down a coal mine. It is not as hard as being on the front line of a battle in the Army.

It IS harder than sitting down watching TV. It IS harder than reading a book.

Being a successful Kleeneze distributor is SIMPLE, but it is not EASY.

You DO have to deliver and collect your catalogues regularly – at least 10-15 hours a week. But this is just like taking a good walk for some healthy exercise, and earning money at the same time.

If you want to build a team, you WILL need to learn some new skills, and this can be a challenge if you are not familiar with being a team leader. However – many successful team leaders have achieved amazing things, with no experience, just by following the advice and guidance of their sponsor, and by following the tried and tested Kleeneze system.

Kleeneze is not hard work, but if you work hard at it, then you can achieve amazing success.

Kleeneze Problem 5 solved.

So – There are some problems in Kleeneze, as there are in life – but they ALL have solutions.

I hope you have found this useful.

If you are not yet a Kleeneze Distributor, just click here for a Free Kleeneze Information Pack.

Bye for Now.

chris smith kleeneze distributorChris Smith

Independent Kleeneze Distributor.

Kleeneze Training Academy

In September 2014, Kleeneze published this 30 minute video titled “Kleeneze Training Academy”.

The video is presented by our Managing Director Michael Khatkar, and features top distributors Craig White, Neil Young, and Jamie and Adele De Caso.

It provides you with a great source of inspiration and information, and explains why and how you should grow your kleeneze business by sponsoring new team members.

It explains different ways to find people who might be interested in becoming Kleeneze Distributors.

It explains the importance of your own attitude while talking to prospects.

This Kleeneze Training Video covers…

Kleeneze Training: Getting Started with Kleeneze

  • The Importance of Sponsoring
  • Your Warm List
  • the Tone of your Voice
  • Power Words
  • The Three Foot Rule
  • Different Rods in the pond
  • The Business Kit
  • Objections and Questions
  • Personal Confidence


Get yourself a cup of tea, a pen and notebook, and watch this fantastic Kleeneze training video…


I hope you found that useful. If you have any questions about this Kleeneze Training, feel free to contact me here.

If you would like some information about becoming a Kleeneze distributor, just click here for a free Kleeneze Information Pack.

To see what other Kleeneze Training is available, visit this Kleeneze page on our support and training.

Best Wishes

Chris Smith

Part Time Kleeneze Jobs. Recruiting now…

Part Time Kleeneze Jobs

Are you looking for Part Time Work or a Part Time Job? Why not become a Kleeneze Distributor?

Part Time Kleeneze Jobs

Kleeneze Catalogue Deliverers and team Leaders

As a Kleeneze Distributor you are your own boss. You can choose your own hours. You need to be able to commit 10-15 hours a week at least, but if you can do that, or more, then you can choose the hours that suit you…

  • Evenings and weekends
  • Day time around the school run
  • a combination

What is involved? Well we are recruiting Catalogue Deliverers and Team Leaders.

Kleeneze Catalogue Distributors

As a Kleeneze Catalogue Distributor you deliver catalogues to houses in your area, collect orders from your customers, and deliver the Kleeneze Goods back to them. You earn 15%-21% of the value of all of the orders you receive. The more catalogues you deliver, the more customers you find, the more orders you get, and the more you earn. It is a very simple business.

Kleeneze Team Leaders

In addition, as a Kleeneze Team Leader you can recruit, support and coach Catalogue Distributors. You earn bonuses based on their orders, aswell as commission from your own orders. This is a great way to build a much bigger income.

If you’d like some more information about Kleeneze and these two roles, click this link for a Free Kleeneze Information Pack, or you can also look at these pages to find out…

Part Time Kleeneze Jobs are available across the whole of Great Britain and Ireland, but specifically if you are looking for a Part Time Job in Bournemouth, part time work in Poole, or part time work in Southampton. If so, please contact us asap.

Thanks for your time.

Bye for now

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze DistributorChris Smith