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Kleeneze: When is the best time to join Kleeneze?

When is the best time to join Kleeneze?

When is the best time to join Kleeneze?

There are two answers to this question, which I will explain in a moment. But first, let me explain very briefly how Kleeneze works, based on my own experiences as a Kleeneze Distributor since 2008. (You can also view the Kleeneze Business Model – How Does Kleeneze Work)

How to earn money with Kleeneze

There are 2 ways to earn money from Kleenezethe first is the retail side – As a Kleeneze distributor you make a profit on every item you sell, whether that is on Facebook, working from home on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, or with the catalogues – where you deliver  to houses in your area, collect them a couple of days later, and then deliver back to the customers the goods that they have ordered.

When you first join Kleeneze, you have no idea who will order from you, and who will become your regular customers. So you deliver catalogues to every house, once a month, and as you find people who are ordering, and those who don’t, you gradually cross off the ones that are never ordering, and move on to a new area, building up a bigger and bigger customer base.

This is a very simple way to earn a good part time income.

Depending on how much you wish to earn from your own Kleeneze catalogues, this can take 6-12 months from when you join Kleeneze, to get to the point when you are only delivering to your regular customers. At this point you are making a lot more money putting in a lot less time, and using a lot fewer catalogues.

The second way to earn money from Kleeneze is by sharing this opportunity with other people. If you find someone else who might be interested in earning some extra money like you, and you show them how to join Kleeneze, then you earn a bonus based on their orders, aswell as your own.

There is no limit to the number of people you can introduce.

You also earn bonuses based on the orders of people THEY introduce, and so on. This can get very exciting as your team grows!

Kleeneze Income

A typical graph of your income if you work hard on the team building could be like this…

When is the best time to join Kleeneze?

Kleeneze Income Curve

As I work hard at building my business, I realised that the best time to join Kleeneze was 10 Years ago! I wish I had joined Kleeneze 10 years before I did.

However – unless you have a time machine, the NEXT best time to join Kleeneze is NOW.

Don’t wait until the time is just right – you can be building your customer base, gaining knowledge of how it works, and sharing it with some people over the next few days and weeks, and building up your residual income which can transform your life, if you want to.

You can join Kleeneze now…

If you would like more information about how kleeneze works, or how to join Kleeneze, just click here to request a Free Kleeneze Information Pack.

Bye for Now.

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze DistributorChris Smith