Kleeneze Venice 2014

A distributor’s view of the Kleeneze International Conference in Venice, Italy – November 2014.

Kleeneze International Conference - Venice 2014

The Kleeneze International Conference – Venice 2014

Every Year, Kleeneze take a bunch of hard working Distributors on a 5-star, all-expenses-paid trip to an amazing destination around the world. The Kleeneze International Conference. This trip was to Venice.

We have been lucky enough to qualify for previous conferences – Miami in 2012 and Dubai in 2014, so we had an idea of what to look forward to.

Thursday 6th November – Gatwick Airport

Wake up bright and early in our hotel near Gatwick Airport – check in time is 6am. and despite the early start, we are so excited – neither of us has been to Venice before, and it looks an amazing city. As you will find out, we were not disappointed.

The flight left on time, with 85 happy, excited, Kleeneze distributors taking the 2 hour trip to Marco Polo Airport.

Taxi! but not the usual taxi rank

Taxi! but not the usual taxi rank

Our first surprise came with the trip from the airport to the city centre. Taxi! – well not your usual city centre cab. In Venice you get a Water Taxi – beautiful speed boats that cruise across the Venice Lagoon to the city centre. There are no roads in Venice City Centre, so you get a boat, or you walk.



Arriving at the iconic Piazzo San Marco was an amazing experience. The views and the atmosphere were mind-blowing. Our first destination, while our cases were taken to the hotel, was a traditional Italian Restaurant for lunch.

Venice Tony and Muriel

Lunch with our good friends and kleeneze distributors Tony and Muriel


One of the best things about these conferences is that you get to talk to other successful distributors, make great new friends, and learn so much.

After filling ourselves with a selection of Italian food and drink, we walked to our hotel (just 5 minutes away) – the  5 star Bauer Hotel – for a welcome reception – more drinks – and then to collect our room keys and unpack our cases.

We then had a couple of hours to explore the city, and then off for dinner at the Antico Pignolo – one of the most famous restaurants in Venice.

Friday 7th November – Murano and Burano

Today we set out by boat on a tour of the Venice Lagoon – specifically to visit 2 islands in the Lagoon – Murano, famed for it’s glass blowing and Burano, with its’ Vineyard.

The cruise around the lagoon gave us a chance to see the beauty of Venice from a distance, before arriving at Murano.

Artists at work

Artists at work

Here, there are a number of glass blowing shops, and the history of glass blowing in Venice is an interestiung story in itself. We were given a demonstration of the art by these amazing artists, followed by a tour of their gallery of finished products, and of course the opportunity to buy amazing gifts for friends and family.


Then, the short trip to Burano for lunch, with more friends, and then a quick trip to sample the wine from the local vineyard.

Dinner tonight was at the contemporary Prosciutteria Dok Dall’Ava restaurant, where we had the whole restaurant booked out – as you can see – more food and drink for us all. We certainly didn’t go hungry.

Kleeneze international Conference - Venice

 Saturday 8th November – the Kleeneze conference, and the Masked Ball

This morning we had our Kleeneze Conference – Michael Khatkar and Lisa Burke congratulating everyone on their hard work, and introducing the amazing new products which will be launched in January 2014.

We then had a great session where 10 distributors – ranging from experienced distributors who have been in the business for 20 years and more, to first time qualifiers in their first year or two – each gave us a short talk on their story. Why did they join Kleeneze, and how has it changed their lives. There were some truly emotional stories, and a few tears shed as people remember challanges from their past, and how their lives have been transformed by starting their own Kleeneze business.

We then had the afternoon free to explore Venice. So what do you do in Venice – it has to be a Gondola ride!

Well you just have to don't you?

Well you just have to don’t you?

Venice is truly a beautiful and unique city, and you can walk round all day with a camera, taking photo after photo of the amazing views.

Kleeneze Venice Panoramas

Saturday evening is the Gala Dinner – and tonight we were treated to a traditional Masked Ball. Everyone wearing Venetian masks, a couple of Opera singers to entertain us, in a Ballroom that looked everything you would expect from a Venetian Ballroom.

Kleeneze Gala Dinner - Venice 2014

We do dress up now and then (after we’ve taken off our masks)

Sunday 9th November – back home, but not before some more exploring

Ice Cream in Venice

oh go on then, just a little ice cream…


After a leisurely breakfast we had the morning to explore Venice again, buy presents for loved ones, time for a coffee and a croissant, or maybe a little ice cream?


Then the amazing water taxi back to the airport and the flight home.

Why do Kleeneze put on these conferences?

Kleeneze run an international conference every year, and they must cost a fortune – 100 or more distributors, flown around the world, staying in the best hotels, eating and drinking as much as they want at the best restaurants and bars.

What do Kleeneze get out of it?

Well from a personal viewpoint, I can see that they get an extremely motivated and determined set of Distributors: These events are very emotional – you meet with lots of people who are doing the same as you – we all have good days and bad days, our businesses go up and down, but we have all battled through these inconveniences, and come out stronger. By talking to them you realise what an amazing opportunity this is, and you also realise how lucky you were to come across it. As a result, you leave each conference even more determined than ever to work hard and qualify for the next one.

Kleeneze montego bay sunset


Who would want to miss out on Jamaica 2015? Not me!



We are looking for ambitious people to join our team – so just click on this link if you’d like an information pack about becoming a Kleeneze distributor. We’d love to have you with us on the next international conference.

Best wishes

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