Getting Started with Kleeneze: a Crucial Information Webinar

Getting Started with Kleeneze – Training Video 1 of 8

Getting Started with KleenezeAs a Kleeneze Business Coach, I run weekly webinars for my team, and for any other distributor who wants to learn how to run their Kleeneze business well. When you are Getting Started with Kleeneze, this free training is really useful.

There is a series of 8 webinars, and they are all recorded. You are welcome to join in with a live webinar, just drop me an email to, and I’ll send you the details. Or just watch the recording below of a recent one.

So if you are interested in joining Kleeneze, and would like to have a sneaky peek at what sort of training you might get if you joined my team, then this should give you an idea.

Kleeneze Webinar 1 of 8 – Getting Started with Kleeneze

This webinar tells you everything you need to know about Getting Started with Kleeneze:

  • How to get orders before you even put your catalogues out
  • How to prepare the catalogues
  • How to deliver them
  • Where to deliver them
  • What to do if you come across another kleeneze Distributor
  • How to collect them
  • How to deliver the orders to your customers

It also covers how to earn extra bonuses with your 30 Day Challenge. Kleeneze provide you with lots of incentives in your first weeks and months to help you get the best possible start to your business.

What next?

If you are a already a Kleeneze Distributor and you found this useful, feel free to share this with your team.

If you are not yet a Kleeneze distributor, but would like to find out more about Kleeneze or about becoming a distributor, you can click on this link for a Free Kleeneze information Pack.

Then if you decide to get started as a Kleeneze Distributor, you will have a head start, as you already have access to loads of useful training!

Best wishes

Chris Smith, Independent Kleeneze Distributor

Chris Smith

Independent Kleeneze Distributor