Our Kleeneze team support and Crucial Information webinars

Every week, I run a training webinar for our team, based on the eight parts of our Kleeneze Circle of Success.

Kleeneze successBelow, You can view a recording of each of the eight webinars, to give you an idea of how we work…

1) Getting Started

Everything you need to know about getting the best possible start to your Kleeneze Business…
How to start getting orders before your catalogues arrive
Facebook Selling,
How to prepare the catalogues,
How to deliver them,
Where to deliver them,
How to collect them,
How to deliver the orders to your customers.

…. find out more by watching this video


2) Your First Four Weeks

What to expect and what to do in your first four weeks as a Kleeneze Distributor.


3) Build Your Customer Base

The importance of building a loyal base of Kleeneze customers, with catalogues and on Facebook, who order from you again and again.


4) Team Building for Beginners

As a Kleeneze Distributor…
Do you HAVE to build a team?
Should you build a team?
What tools do you need?
Can you use Facebook to find people?
What to do when you get a lead.
…. find out more by watching this Kleeneze video


5) Support your Kleeneze Team Members

How to support your new Kleeneze team members..

  • How often should you call them?
  • How can you help them get off to a great start?
  • What information should you send them?
  • How to anticipate and eliminate problems….


6) Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business

As a Kleeneze distributor, if you know how to get orders from your Kleeneze catalogues and your Facebook Selling Group, you know how to sponsor someone into your Kleeneze team and support them so they get off to a great start, what other skills do you need to grow a large and successful Kleeneze business?

…. find out by watching this webinar…


7) Goals and attitude

All Kleeneze distributors have the same catalogues, the same products, the same pay plan, the same overheads, but some will be successful and some won’t. Why is that?

Find out by watching this recording…


8) Personal Development

Personal Development is a program you can start…

which will give you the Life Philosophies which produce a great attitude…
which leads to those consistent actions….
which produce the results….
which provide you with the Lifestyle you are looking for.
…. find out more by watching this video.


If you’d like to be part of our team, or you’d like to find out more about Kleeneze, you can click here for a Kleeneze information Pack.

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