Work from Home Ideas – How much can you earn?

Work from Home Ideas – How much can you earn?

Recently, I have explained about why people would want a work from home idea,  why they look for ideas about working from home, and what are the benefits of a work from home idea in terms of your time.

Today I want to explain about the financial benefits of a Work From Home Idea.

Work from Home Ideas usually consist of two parts, two different ways to earn money.

Choosing which is the best Work from Home Idea for you might depend on which of these two parts you are most interested in, and which companies provide you with the best option for that part.

Let me explain about the two parts:

  • Moving Product
  • Recruiting others to move product

In the “bad old days” of Pyramids that were subsequently made illegal – you would get paid by recruiting someone who would pay to join your company. They could then get paid to recruit someone. However, all of that money was simply coming from payments made by new members joining. Nobody actually provided a service, or a product, that people wanted. Those schemes are illegal.

Nowadays, companies behind reputable Work From Home Ideas that are members of the DSA (Direct Selling Association) and approved by OFT (Office of Fair Trading), make money by selling a product or service. This could be a health product, household goods, gas, electricity, or whatever.

When you join a Work From Home Idea you should be able to make money immediately by selling, or sharing, the products with friends, family, neighbours, or anyone that you know or come across. This is sometimes called “Moving Product”. The company then pays you a commission on your sales. Easy Peasy. With some Work From Home Ideas there is a huge range of products, and some great methods of finding customers, so you can make a lot of money just by doing that part.

Secondly – if you come across someone else who might be interested in earning some extra money, you can introduce them to the Work From Home Idea, and you will earn commission on their sales as well as your own. Also, if that person introduces someone, you will receive commission on that person’s sales and so on. So you can see that you can build a large team, and typically the much bigger incomes come from building large teams.

So – my recommendation to you if you are looking for a work from home idea is to make sure that you find a company that allows you to make a good living just by selling the products, AND allows you to build an unlimited team, so that you can also build a much bigger income that way, if you choose.

You may not want to get into the team building side today, but in the future…..who knows?

I will explain some more about the team building aspects next time.

Bye for Now

Chris Smith

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