Work From Home Ideas – Get the best support!

Looking to find the right work from home idea?  What things should you look out for?


In previous posts I explained how to check that the company behind the Work from Home Idea is offering a genuine, ethical , work from home opportunity – click here


I also explained what to look for in a sponsor,  or rather what to look out for! Click here


Here, I want to explain to you how to find out what support and training structure to look out for.


Now you may think that work from home ideas should be simple, and require very little support or training. That could be true if you just want to stuff envelopes for £1 an hour, but if you’re looking for something that gives you more satisfaction, an immediate income, and the ability to build a large residual income, then you will require some support and training.


There should be training on the retail side of the Work from Home Idea, for example different methods of selling the products, sharing with your friends and so on.


There should also be training on the team building side of the Work From Home Idea, if that is something you would be interested in (and to be honest, you should be, as that is where the big money and freedom is. You may not want to look at that straight away, but perhaps in the future!).


So ask your potential sponsor “If I join your Work From Home Idea, what training will I get?, and what support will I receive?”


Believe me, he will be delighted to hear you, because it shows you are serious, and curious. Two vital qualities for a successful team member in any Work from Home Idea.


He should be able to provide a variety of different training and support methods:

  • Meetings
  • Remote via webinars or conference calls
  • Books, CDs


Support via

  • telephone
  • face to face
  • text
  • Facebook


There should be a variety, because people learn  and communicate in different ways.


If you have a particular preference for one method, and the company behind your Work from Home Idea, and your sponsor can’t provide it, then you may not get the level of support and training that you need.


The level of support and training you receive in your chosen Work From Home Idea will make or break your success, so make sure you are happy with it before committing yourself.


To find out how we support and train our team in our Work From Home Idea, click here.


Bye for Now


Chris Smith