Work From Home Ideas – Which one is right for YOU?

Work From Home Ideas – Which one is right for YOU?


When you first start looking for a Work From Home Idea or business, you will probably take one of two approaches…


  1. Do a thorough research of the Work From Home Ideas available before deciding on one.
  2. Try out the first Work from Home Idea that you find, because you saw the advert in the paper


…..and I have to say that most people that I come across in my industry join through the second option. Whether it was through a friend, a paper advert, a leaflet, a poster, an Internet advert, you have a look at it and it is pretty black or white – you either like the look of it, or you don’t.


If you don’t like the first Work From Home Idea that you see, then sometimes you just forget about it, until the next one that interrupts your day, and you then take a look at that one. However, at some point you may realise that you are not happy with some aspect of your life, and that one of these “Work From Home Ideas” might help.


At that point you might start looking into the different Work From Home Ideas to decide which one is best. Specifically, which one is right for YOU?


Now most Work From Home Ideas, or opportunities, are companies that have a Network Marketing, or Multi-Level Marketing structure.


That means that you earn money in two ways – firstly by selling some product, and secondly by introducing other people to the business, and showing them how to sell some product.


There is usually a limit to how much product you can sell yourself, and the bigger incomes are achieved by the team building aspect.


So when you start to think about which one is right for you, look at both aspects of the opportunity.


Firstly, the retail side. With most Work from Home Ideas, this is usually how you earn some money at the beginning. This will consist of selling some product. This can be done by, for example:

  • Sharing your experiences with your friends
  • Selling some to your neighbours
  • Having a party and selling some
  • Delivering catalogues to homes and businesses nearby


As this is how you will earn money initially, make sure you know how much you can earn by JUST selling the product, and how much can you REALLISTICALLY earn by just selling the product.


For example, if you need to use this Work From Home Idea to pay your £350 rent, which is due in four weeks, find out EXACTLY what you need to do to earn £350 in four weeks. It may involve selling 350 widgets, and you do that by sharing it with your friends. Do you have 350 friends who would all buy one? Or 35 friends who would all buy 10?


If you need to deliver 100 catalogues a day which will take you two hours each day – do you have that much time?


….and don’t just ask for theoretical earnings. Ask your potential sponsor to show you the actual earnings of people in his team, especially those who have just started. If he cannot, or is unwilling to, what is he hiding?


These questions should help you find the right Work From Home Idea for you.


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Best wishes


Chris Smith