Pay Day Loans – There is an alternative

Pay Day Loans? There is a way out.


I read this article on the BBC Website recently – explaining how Pay Day Loans are to be regulated. Some of them have interest rates over 1000% per annum!

What is a pay day loan?

Typically, it is a loan to someone who needs a short-term loan of a fairly small amount (£100 – £500) for just a few days – until they get paid. Hence the name.

However, the problem is the amount of interest you have to pay – borrowing just a small amount can still leave you with big chunks of interest – so in the end you are worse off. …and if you cannot pay off what you owe in full, the interest goes through the roof, and you get into a vicious circle – you run out of money even quicker next month, have to take out a loan for more money over a longer period, and it gets worse and worse.



Is there an alternative?

So if you already have a job, and you just need a little extra to keep you going to pay day, what are the alternatives?

Well how about starting a flexible work from home business that fits around your existing hours?

Kleeneze - an alternative to Pay Day Loans

Kleeneze does just that:

Kleeneze is a Home Shopping business that has been helping people earn an extra income since 1923. You can start earning money with Kleeneze immediately.

You can do Kleeneze part time.

You can also do Kleeneze full time if you want.

This is how Kleeneze works.

Kleeneze operates across the UK and Ireland.

There is no risk. What have you got to lose?

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Bye for Now

Chris Smith